Rental roller

25 March 2008

Caterpill double drum vibratory compactor range is aimed at the rental market and is the latest application to benefit from de system. The CB14 version of AccuGrade is for use with soil compaction and links the soil stiffness to GPS co-ordinates to allow density of the surface to be mapped in real time to avoid over compaction.

The machine is available in three sizes – 800, 900 or 1000 mm width drums – or with an offset 900 mm front drum without a right-hand support to allow fully flush compaction. The fuel tank is larger than on other models in the same class and allows for up to 17 hours operation between refuelling. The roller also has a 150 l water tank to provide water spraying to prevent asphalt sticking during operation.

The rollers are powered by a 16 kW Cat C1.1 engine and have a dual hydrostatic drum drive with hydraulic motors fitted in series to smooth the starting and stopping process. They also use a high frequency vibratory system, which delivers 53 Hz. The three standard models have two vibratory mode - front drum only or both drums - while the fully flush model features vibration on the rear drum only.

The operat tation is rubber mounted to isolate the driver from vibration transfer and the roller is also available with a suspended seat as an optional extra.

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