Rivners' new giant at work

By Lindsay Gale19 December 2013

Rivners’ new MK 70 from Trevi Benne at work on the old HQ building of AB Atomenergi, Nutek House

Rivners’ new MK 70 from Trevi Benne at work on the old HQ building of AB Atomenergi, Nutek House

Rivners AB has taken delivery of a new Trevi Benne MK 70, supplied via Swedish dealer Andersen Contractor, based in Õrsundbro, just outside Uppsala. Said to be the largest multiprocessor currently available, the new attachment was delivered with pulveriser and concrete shear jaw sets. The MK 70 weighs in at 9,000 kg (19,800 lb) and requires a carrier from 75 to 100 tonnes. When fitted with its scrap shear or concrete shear, the MK 70 provides a cutting force of 1,100 tonnes, while the pulveriser jaw delivers 490 tonnes of force. A jaw changeover time of five minutes is claimed for the MK 70 and it is available with three other sets in addition to the two taken by Rivners. These consist of the concrete shear set mentioned above, a crusher jaw and a special pulveriser set that features dual steel cutting blades that cuts the rebar within the concrete being crushed.

Rivners immediately put its new tool to work on a contract in the middle of the Swedish capital city of Stockholm. This is the demolition of the former headquarters building of AB Atomenergi in the Liljeholmen district of the city. This former industrial district of the city is increasingly being redeveloped for residential use. Originally built in 1964 as the headquarters of the state AB Atomenergi (Atomic Energy), Nutek House has served as the home for Nutek–Tillväxtverket (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) since AB Atomenergy ceased operation. Its demolition is being carried out to make way for a number of residential buildings that will house 225 apartments

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