Rolls-Royce Power Systems to restructure

By Joe Sargent08 August 2019


The Rolls-Royce Power Systems unit, and MTU, will present themselves as integral parts of the British Rolls-Royce engineering group

Following its successful half year results, Rolls-Royce Power Systems business unit is to restructure its brands.

Based in Germany, the Rolls-Royce Power Systems arm, with its core brand MTU, aims to present itself more clearly in future as an integral part of the British Rolls-Royce engineering group.

Current MTU companies will now include Rolls-Royce in their names, but MTU will remain a brand name for products and solutions.

A new brand architecture is currently evolving, which will be publicly implemented this autumn with the launch of a new MTU website.

The new brand structure is intended to be clearer and will support the Power Systems’ 2030 strategy for global growth.

Rolls-Royce will be both the corporate and employer brand. Consequently, the companies within the business unit that include MTU in their names will be given a new label.

MTU, as the name customers are familiar with, will continue to be used to identify the company’s products and solutions. The current MTU Onsite Energy brand for decentralised power supply systems will be integrated into MTU.

One of the first visible steps to be taken will be the renaming of four operating companies, which manufacture products and solutions: MTU Friedrichshafen will thus become Rolls-Royce Solutions in autumn 2019. This will be followed by MTU America, which in future will operate as Rolls-Royce Solutions America. Today’s MTU Onsite Energy in Augsburg will become Rolls-Royce Solutions Augsburg and MTU Onsite Energy Systems in Ruhstorf will be renamed Rolls-Royce Solutions Ruhstorf.

The remaining subsidiaries will in turn be given new titles based on the above examples. The products of Bergen Engines will also be part of the new brand architecture.

Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said, “The new brand architecture will provide clarity and improve the recognition of our company and its products.

“Our new profile is a clear commitment to Rolls-Royce, as its second largest business unit. By the same token, Rolls-Royce is committed to our MTU brand, which is something we are proud of”.

The news of this restructuring follows a recent announcement from the Power Systems division that it has entered into a partnership with XCMG, the Chinese manufacturer of mining vehicles and equipment. The move is expected to improve Rolls-Royce’s position in the Chinese market.

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