Romanian and Polish contracts for Astaldi

Astaldi and Max Boegl have been awarded the contract for a stretch of Romanian motorway which was to have been built by Bouygues subsidiary Colas, but was cancelled earlier this year.

Astaldi has also won a contract for the second phase of the project to modernise the Warsaw to Lodz rail line in Poland. The €350 million contract also includes the construction of the underground station of Lodz Fabryczna.

The Romanian bid by Italian-based Astaldi and German-based Max Boegl for designing and building the A2 motorway is €118 million ex-VAT, and is for 20.49km of road.

The National Company of Motorways & National Roads in Romania (CNADNR), which operates under the Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure, cancelled the previous contract with Colas amidst claims that the design for 14km had not been finalised.

It was also claimed that an extra €16 million would be needed for the project, and that it would take an additional 24 months.

CNADNR now says that the work will cost €32 million less than with Colas, and that the time for designing and implementing the section of highway will be reduced from 24 to 15 months. It is expected to be open for traffic in 2012.

Funding will be partly provided by the European Investment Bank and cohesion funds from the European Commission.

Rail project

Meanwhile, Phase II of the Warsaw to Lodz Polish rail project is expected to take 42 months, including the design work which starts immediately. It concerns the modernisation of the line from Lodz Widzew to Lodz Fabryczna, as well as the construction of passenger facilities and a station of four platforms with eight tracks at Lodz Fabryczna. A 1.5km double tunnel and double track, plus plant and superstructure for the entire stretch, are planned, while there will be underground parking facilities and a multi-modal exchange infrastructure in the Fabryczna station.

The works have been commissioned by PKP (Polish Railways) and the Municipality of Lodz. The project is co-financed by European cohesion funds, and will be undertaken by Astaldi in partnership with three Polish enterprises, including Torpol (Polimex Mostostal Group) which is a specialist in railway work.

Warsaw metro

Also in Poland, Astaldi is constructing 6km of new underground railway to connect Rondo Daszynskiego in the centre of Warsaw to Dworzec Wilenski in the north east suburbs, on the other side of the River Wisla. The scheme will include seven stations and is due for completion in 2013.

The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development's (EBRD) has lent €80 million to support upgrades to the metro system in Warsaw.

The loan will be used to modernise Warsaw's metro system by introducing 35 new energy efficient trains which will cut CO2 emissions. These new trains will run on the existing rail line and a second rail line, currently under construction by Astaldi.

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