Rough terrain scissor upgrade from Dingli

23 November 2015

Dingli's 12 m working height JCPT1217RTI rough terrain scissor.

Dingli's 12 m working height JCPT1217RTI rough terrain scissor.

Dingli has updated its range of hydraulic rough terrain scissor lifts.

For example the JCPT1217RTI, 12 m working height machine, which is updated from the previous JCPT1217RT, has a new hydraulic power supply system. The double pump enhances efficiency, with more power and a maximum gradeability of 40%, which is 1.33 times more than the previous model.

The upgrade had as a more powerful engine for inclines and curbs, and there are two different driving modes: rear-wheel double-drive operation for driving on a smooth surface for speed and efficiency, and four-wheel drive for slopes and more difficult terrain.

In addition there is an oscillating front axle on the new JCPT1217RTI, as well as an upgraded chassis structure with a minimum ground clearance of 0.29m, an increase of 0.1m.

Dingli said it plans to produce more AWPs designed for outdoor work in the near future.

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