Rouse reports 10.5% price increase for used AWPs

By Maria Hadlow05 April 2011

Rouse Asset Services, a leading US appraiser of rental, dealer and construction equipment, recorded a growth in OLV (orderly liquidation values) for telescopic booms of 10.5% in February compared to January. Of the 14 equipment categories Rouse monitors this accounted for largest growth - the average being 3%.

According to Rouse in the last 12 months to the end of February 2011 AWPs accounted for 24% of the sales of used equipment from the top ten categories monitored - the largest single category.

OLV is expressed as a percentage of replacement cost (the average paid for new equipment by large US rental companies and dealers) for the average age of equipment sold in that category.

The average age of the used telescopic booms is 102 months; the OLV of scissors lifts (average age 84 months) rose 7.6% in February and the OLV of articulated booms (average age 89 months) rose 4.8%. Over the last six months OLV for telescopic booms rose 11.2%; scissors rose 14.5% and articulating booms rose 11.1%.

Rising prices of used equipment may be an indication that mass defleeting is over and buying programmes, at least for replacement, may be about to commence.

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