RSC expands services to industry

By Patrick Hill12 September 2008

RSC Equipment Rental prepares another delivery.

RSC Equipment Rental prepares another delivery.

RSC Equipment Rental has formed a new Integrated Services Group to coordinate its product offering to industrial customers and has added higher capacity pumps and larger power generation units to expand the industrial product range.

The services are being targeted at customers in petrochemical, oil refinery, power generation, mining, shipping, and pulp and paper industries, and include RSC's proprietary web-based Total Control and Mobile Tool Room offerings.

RSC's fleet, which originally consisted of dewatering pumps up to 15 cm, now includes models up to 20 cm, and new generators include units up to 350 kW.

Total Control is a web-based service that enables customers to locate equipment, track its usage, and schedule on-rent/off-rent times, as well as providing operating, maintenance and safety information. The Mobile Tool Room is a portable unit stocked with small tools, equipment and hardware for a specific project.

"We are looking to become an all inclusive supplier, tailored to the concerns that are important to our customers," said Pat Lowry, vice president, integrated services. "Power, mining and petrochemical companies are high demand market segments and with RSC's Integrated Services, these customers know they are getting the best, most efficient equipment offering backed by a dedicated and experienced management team."

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