RSC offers customers machine emissions data

08 October 2009

RSC Equipment Rental prepares another delivery.

RSC Equipment Rental prepares another delivery.

RSC Equipment Rental is offering customers an equipment emissions tracking service that will automatically calculate greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions from its diesel powered equipment.

RSC said that emissions data, which will be included in invoices, is critical for regulatory compliance, voluntary reporting and carbon footprint reduction. The service will be available for all diesel powered machines fitted with hour meters.

Kevin Groman, senior vice president and head of the company's sustainability efforts, said; "RSC is the first company in the equipment rental industry to provide customers accurate and detailed emissions data that help them with regulatory guidelines, voluntary reporting, and measuring progress towards sustainability goals."

Mr Groman said the launch of the service, which has been in development for more than a year, was very timely, since an executive order has just been issued by the White House requiring Federal agencies to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Taken together, this executive order, and the EPA's recently issued rule requiring large US sources and suppliers to collect and annually report their greenhouse gas emissions data, underscore the growing trend toward, and need for, accurate accountability and tracking, and we are excited to provide this beneficial solution to all customers", he said.

The company's method of calculating emissions has been independently verified by The Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. The calculation methods include the hours of use, load factor, fuel consumption, density conversion, emission factors and engine horsepower/tier level.

The service tracks emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, as well as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, particular matter and hydrocarbons. The formulas are applicable to diesel powered equipment with hour meters, which reflects 88% of RSC equipment with hour metered engines.

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