RTs recalled in Japan

06 May 2008

In Japan Tadano has issued a recall notice on 10000 rough terrain cranes following a fatal accident. Eight models, built between 1983 and 1998, are subject of the recall, which will see the cranes fitted with revised systems to prevent further accidents. The actual number of machines made is more than 15000 but Tadano says that a third of these are no longer in use. All except about 100 units were sold to buyers in Japan.

The problem relates to the auxiliary steering system, where the reverse steering mode can remain activated during road travel, causing the crane to steer in the opposite direction to the one intended. This can happen if the reverse steering switch is left on and there is a failure in the boom rear-position detection switch.

Modifications to prevent unintentional operation of the reverse steering are designed to automatically disable the system when travelling, even if the switch is left in the ON position, and even if there is a failure in the boom rear-position detection switch system. Also to be fitted is a buzzer that sounds if the reverse steering has been left in the ON position.

A full list of models, serial numbers, manufacturing dates, etc. can be found at www.khl.com in the IC news area of the site.

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