Ruthmann debuts new range

By Lindsey Anderson07 April 2019

Ruthmann is using Bauma to debut its new 3.5-ton TB/TBR-Steiger models which it is dubbing as a “Hi-light Performance” range.

The series includes five models in the 3.5-ton category, including: the TB 300, TB 290 pro and TB 270 pro as well as the TBR 260 and TBR 230 in the TBR series.

Ruthmann is touting its TB 300 which can reach 30 meters of working height with a full 250 kg basket load on a 3.5-ton chassis.

Rolf Kulawik, the company’s managing director, said, “There is a long list of new features. The completely new base-frame, new work-basket design, and many other technical enhancements demonstrate Ruthmann’s design, steel-fabrication and engineering competency. This know-how has resulted in the creation of five totally new 3.5-t models.”

Compared to the previous series, the new Hi-light Performance range has maximized performance capacity, increased basket-load (to 250 kg), faster movements and enhanced stability, the company said. “In fact, the performance capabilities featured in this new series are simply unprecedented.”

“The TB 270 pro has broken through the 18-m reach barrier for the very first time. That is a full 1.7 m more than on the previous model – the TB 270. At 90 degrees, operators even have 2.8 m of additional reach capacity.”

Nico Wessels, head of product design, repositioned the telescopic cylinder inside the telescopic boom system in order to protect it from damage and/or unfavorable weather conditions, the company said. This also ensures smoother extension and retraction of the boom system. Operation is also supported by the newly-developed boom profile. Made from a single sheet of high-strength, fine-grained, steel, the boom sections are laser-cut, folded/beveled and then welded (single seam) using a laser-beam welding (LBW) technique. Due to lower heat development, this fabrication process results in significantly less warpage and an almost invisible weld seam, according to the company.

For more details and specs, see our Bauma show reviews in our next issues.

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