Ruthmann launches truck secondary guarding

By Euan Youdale12 March 2018

 Steiger secondary guarding

Ruthmann Steiger secondary guarding system.

Germany-based Ruthmann has developed a secondary guarding system, the first truck mount manufacturer to do so.

To help protect operators of Ruthmann Steiger machines against entrapment in the basket, the system utilises a rubber ‘switch strip’ placed in front of the control panel.

Movement of the basest is stopped when pressure is applied to the switch strip. Afterwards, only movements in the opposite direction are possible. If the pressure remains on the switch strip, for example in the event the operator is unable to free themselves, a horn signal sounds to alert people on the ground. All movements are then carried out at low speed until the operator is rescued.

Under everyday use, the protective strip is designed to be unobtrusive to the operator. And the operator’s lower arms can comfortably be rested on it while using the joysticks.

The system is similar to the one previously introduced by Ruthmann Italia for its Bluelift tracked platforms.

The system is ready to be installed on all new Ruthmann Steiger T, TB and TBR-series models with immediate effect, or retrofitted to machines in the field.

Managing director Rolf Kulawik, said, “To mark its launch, we would like to give as many customers as possible the opportunity to have the secondary guarding system retrofitted at a small price, therefore providing an important preventive service.”


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