Ruthmann road conversion

21 July 2015

The 'Jeep solution' conversion of Abilene High Lift Aerial's Ruthmann TTS 1000

The 'Jeep solution' conversion of Abilene High Lift Aerial's Ruthmann TTS 1000

In mid-2010, a Ruthmann Steiger TTS 1000 truck mount was sold to Abilene High Lift Aerial in the USA. With its 100.4 m working height and 40 m lateral outreach, the TTS 1000, built in 2001, is still one of the most powerful work platforms in the world.

To enhance the application range of this well maintained work platform, the TTS 1000 has undergone a ‘Jeep solution’ conversion. In this conversation the weight of the 88 tonne platform is distributed onto two additional axles. This reduces the axle load, which is a major advantage in the USA due to axle load weight restrictions varying from state to state.

Following the Jeep conversion, Steve Roth, owner of Abilene High Lift Aerial, will be able to operate his TTS 1000 in 44 out of 50 states in the USA.

The conversion was carried out in close cooperation with Ruthmann’s USA-based partner Time Manufacturing Company.

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