Safe landing with AWL

19 March 2008

“Some 80% of cranes surrounding UK airports do not have adequate obstruction indicators to meet Civil Aviation Authority legislation.” The warning comes from specialist Aircraft Warning Lights (AWL) company, Delta Obstruction Lighting, which has developed its LED range.

“Obstacle lighting is an affordable and practical solution to help make sure we never have to experience a calamity involving a crane and an aircraft. It is specifically designed to reduce the hazards to aircraft operating at low levels and it is governed by legislation,” said a company spokesperson.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) stipulates that any structure more than 45 m high must have medium intensity AWLs when in the vicinity of an aerodrome, Delta said.

“While other companies have been slow to develop their LED technology, Delta has worked closely with the CAA to develop its own unique LED product range, which actually exceeds CAA regulations and are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than neon and incandescent lights,” according to Delta. For further information see

Sharpening chisels and plane irons should no longer be a chore thanks to the new Slidegrinder, claims its manufacturer.

The automatic device works as an attachment to a standard bench grinder, is suitable for flat blades up to 65mm and has a variable speed motor. The Slidegrinder also has reset pressure adjustment, giving the user complete control and it requires no coolants.

Its creator David Seear said the product's precision accuracy resulted in less wear on blades.

“Finally tradesmen and woodworking enthusiasts can now achieve and enjoy professional results that come with accurately ground blades,” Seear added. n For more information see

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