Safe operation of truck mounted knuckle boom cranes

By Alex Dahm13 January 2009

Loader crane manufacturer Palfinger is updating its axle load and stability calculation software. Christian Perschl, product manager of Palfinger software, Palsoft, speaks to IC about the development of

Why are you developing

There are several reasons. The first program, Pacdos, was developed for MS-DOS in 1990. In 1997 we released the first version for MS Windows, which was called Pacwin. The user interface had not changed since then and the new program has got new product data, functionality and features. At the moment, a lot of clicks are necessary to get useful calculations. We want to shorten this time to a minimum and create a completely new user interface with new input and output functionality.

How does differ from Pacwin?

Operating systems with 64 bits are getting more and more interesting for users all over the world. The existing Pacwin is a 16 bit program, therefore it is impossible to run on 64 bit systems. The is developed on the Microsoft Framework, which allows more flexibility.

What are the benefits of the software? will contain a large database. The new user interface makes it easy to select the different parameters for trucks, cranes and hook loaders. The first version will contain all functions of the existing Pacwin, at the minimum. The output will contain more calculations. Development will never stop and include additional Palfinger products.

How does it make lifting work easier?

It provides a calculation for the recommended electronic settings of the crane. This calculation will make lifting work, not only easier, but safer in the future. The settings can be taken over using, which is the diagnostic and configuration program for Palfinger electronic systems and radio remote control systems. This will save a lot of time.

Online applications are in great demand, as nearly anybody around the world has internet access. Palfinger is following this trend. We have five Palsoft applications at the moment, which are available online.

What crane software developments will be made in the future?

The biggest challenge is to find out the requirements for the next generation of software. These requirements need to be requested from the users and the market. Any software is living from ideas that come from users.

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