Safety concerns over EN 13001-3-2

By Laura Hatton07 August 2015

Members of EWRIS and DSV have raised concern over the approach to rope selection as per the European Standard EN 13001-3-2 on the grounds of safety, and instead recommend the use of ISO16625 [replaced ISO 4308].

EN13001-3-2 was published in 2014 by the European crane standards committee CEN/TC 147. In a technical paper published by the Technical University at Dresden provides a critique of the EN13001-3-2 rope selection methodology, raising safety issues which support the concerns of the EWRIS and DSV members.

The technical paper is available here.

*EWRIS members: 35 companies in 14 European countries (see

*DSV, Germany members (extract): Bridon, Casar, Diepa, Drahtseilwerk Hemer, Drahtseilwerk Bremerhaven, Engelmann, Hamburger Drahtseilerei, Küster, Pfeifer Drako, Teufelberger, WDI, Gustav Wolf, IFT (Technische Universität) Stuttgart, Technische Universität Dresden

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