Safety first at EPC-UK

By Steve Ducker12 February 2020

EPC-UK's Safety Kick-off Initiative training class.

EPC-UK starts 2020 with its latest Safety Kick-off Initiative.

Blast services specialist EPC-UK has commenced 2020 with its latest Safety Kick-off Initiative.

These are designed to focus on the well-being of staff as it empowers them to make “safety first” decisions and consider the wider impact workplace accidents can have on their families and arriving home safe.

Having successfully established a culture where staff can be open, speak freely and feel heard, EPC-UK launched its new “Stop Work Authority” for 2020 and a revised version of its “Face Safety Rules” campaign at a recently held series of national staff briefings.

During the sessions, all employees were educated on the realistic impact of a fatality at work on family members, with the purpose of widening employees’ thoughts regarding safe operations, checking actions and looking out for others, ultimately determining who is responsible for health and safety at work.

Every staff member was given an “Authority to Stop Work” card, designed to give the bearer – whether an employee or contractor – full authorisation, and an obligation, to stop any job, behaviour, or activity they deem to be unsafe – with the full support of managing director Ben Williams.

“Whatever the reason, we want our employees to know that they have the right to discontinue work without penalty,” said Ben.

“Our intention is for staff to feel empowered to work safely and have the confidence to say ‘stop’ whenever they feel it’s appropriate and to continue to build on our safe operating culture.”

EPC was awarded Accredited Centre Certification by the UK’s Institute of Explosive Engineers in 2019.


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