Safety first with Metso maintenance platforms

By Steve Ducker21 December 2015

Metso has developed a new maintenance platform that increases safety when changing wear parts in jaw crushers. Described by the Finnish company as ergonomic, the maintenance platform is available on all jaw crushers in the Metso C Series.

The platforms consist of hand rails which are also used for lifting the platform, sturdy work platforms and related control mechanisms, enabling them to be precisely placed at the desired height of the jaw opening. They weigh between 12 and 23 kg (26 and 51 lb).

Each platform is made of aluminium and is said to be easy enough for one person to move. The platforms are available to match with either single-piece or two-piece jaw dies. Metso has applied to patent the product.

“With a small investment, the maintenance platform offers a huge improvement in safety when making jaw changes,” said product manager Ilkka Somero.

“When the platform is installed correctly into the opening, it holds the jaw in place so that it cannot drop, even if the jaw's upper mounting hardware is loosened or even removed.”

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