Safway Services introduces new plank

By Lindsey Anderson10 August 2012

Safway Services, LLC has introduced a new System Steel Sand Blast Plank developed to reduce debris accumulation on walking surfaces.

Designed to fit Safway's Systems' tube and clamp and sectional scaffold, the Sand Blast Plank features "large perforations to prevent grit from building up on scaffold walkways during sand blasting," the company said. The plank's perforations also help to remove excess dirt and sand from work boots.

In addition to the plank's perforated surface, the side rail is crimped shut to reduce sand, dirt and water accumulation. The crimped rail prevents debris from accumulating within the U-shaped rail traditionally found under the plank, on each side rail.

"We're excited to reveal this innovative new plank as a solution for our customers who use scaffold while sandblasting." said Stig Karlsen, vice president of Engineering Services with Safway. "The plank was specifically designed to provide a cleaner work environment,"

The plank's galvanized, all-steel welded construction is durable and resists rust in harsh environments, making it ideal under a variety of working conditions. The planks range in length from two to 10 feet and are compatible with Safway's SSP solid surface steel planks.

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