SAIE in the sun

24 April 2008

One of Bluelift's compact crawler models. INSET: Bluelift's Gianni Marti.

One of Bluelift's compact crawler models. INSET: Bluelift's Gianni Marti.

‘Different’ Bluelift

Three year old Bluelift Srl, founded by Gianni Marti, is specializing in narrow tracked machines, and although surrounded at SAIE by “simple” and “reliable” hydraulic machines, he tells AI that Bluelift’s strength lies in more sophisticated models.

“We want to sell a new solution, a new idea. Where the technology and performance is different... We don’t sell 500 a year, we want 100 – the philosophy is not low price”, says Mr Marti, Bluelift’s commercial director.

In practice this means electro–hydraulic control systems – even on the smaller models – cable remote control as standard (wireless as an option), all cables and hoses inside the boom, and powered lowering of the cage if any of the outriggers become unloaded.

The current range includes the C12, C16, C16 Compact (which uses the same chassis as the C 12 but with an automatic working envelope limitation system), C18 and C21. A 30 m model will be introduced next year.

Dealers include Rothlehner for Germany and Poland, Kluytmans Service in Benelux, Micsa in Spain, Bigital in Bulgaria and Cherry Picker Hire in Ireland.

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