SAIE Review: Loaders in the main

26 February 2008

Billed as a world premiere, Italian knuckle boom manufacturer Effer presented its 100 tonnemetre model 1355-9S. The model shown had nine hydraulic extensions for a maximum horizontal outreach of more than 22 m and a working height of 26 m. It can also be fitted with a 6S fly-jib for a working height of 39 m. Most notable, however, was Effer's new CroSStab concept X-shaped outriggers, displayed for the first time on the tractor unit-mounted model

Giancarlo Manzano, Effer export area manager, said the concept was unique. “It provides crosstype stabilizers that give an excellent stability over 360° of the crane working area without increasing the necessary mounting space of the crane on the truck.”

New on the PM Group stand were new versions of the 10, 14, 16 and 19P models from the Classic line, equipped with the company's Power Tronic Compact system. Initially used on high lifting capacity models, the system electronically controls the boom and other crane functions, improves manoeuvrability and lifting capacity, as well as general performance.

Among a range of other products on show were the new J510 and J710 jibs and the new Platimum Line 35.5SP. Billed as a versatile and functional model the 35.5SP can have new electronically controlled winches that work in line with the Power Tronic system, according to the manufacturer.

The big news at Palfinger was the launch of the High Performance knuckle boom crane series. An elaborate display at the exhibition marked the first showing of this series. It was followed by an exclusive evening event of dinner and opera. As many as 80 new crane models will be launched over the next three years. Feature highlights as listed by the manufacturer include:

• Increased lifting moment with almost the same dead weight as previous models

• Maintenance-free extension boom system

• Power Link Plus on 8 tonne-metre models and larger

• Optimum customer benefit in terms of operating convenience and ease of maintenance.

The launch follows more than four years of development work and includes suggestions from worldwide customer feedback. Palfinger has used its 50 years of crane building experience and invested € 80 million in quality and efficiency at its production sites.

Fassi launched the latest addition to its 80 to 100 tonne-metre rated truck mounted crane range at SAIE 2007. Positioned between the F800BXP and the F110AXP, the new F950AXP Evolution has the best power-to-weight ratio in its category, according to the company. The F950AXP.24 version has a maximum load capacity of 19.18 tonnes at a height of 4.1 m. “The attention paid by Fassi to heavy duty cranes, with lifting capacities of over 50 tonne meters, means that the company is now the absolute leader in this segment of the market,” said Fassi.

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