SAKAI America launches a range of light compaction equipment

11 December 2009

SAKAI America is launching a range of Japanese-built light compaction equipment for North America to add to the larger, US-assembled rollers it already sells.

The new light range encompasses of 3 rammers (RS45, RS65 and RS75), five plate compactors (PF120, PF150, PF280, PC600 and PC800), one walk-behind roller (HS67ST), a small single drum soil compactor line (SV201-1 Series) and a small double drum asphalt line (SW300-1 and TW300-1).

These products will join the company's single drum soil and double drum asphalt rollers that are already available from SAKAI America dealers. These larger models are built in Japan but assembled in the US.

"We are very excited to offer our new light equipment line directly to rental houses and contractors across North America," said Shane Sirmons, operations manager for SAKAI America. "This expansion of our compaction line will broaden our reach and give our customers a large variety of compaction equipment to choose from in order meet their project needs."

The rammers are in the 110 - 180 lb range and are powered by EPA compliant Honda gasoline engines with ratings from 2.3 to 2.8 hp. SAKAI said the rammers are well-suited for narrow trenches, residential projects and other small and confined compaction projects.

The plate compactors, also with Honda engines, cover a range of asphalt and soil applications and have plate sizes range from 14 x 20.5 in to 18 x 34 in, and the mid-range PF280 model has a plate extension option that increase dimensions to 24 x 34 in.

SAKAI's walk behind vibrating roller, the HS67ST, weighs 1590 lb and is powered by a 8.9 hp Honda engine. Its rolling width is 20.5 inches, and vibration frequency is 3300 vpm, offering a centrifugal force of 2650 lb.

The 300 Series vibratory asphalt rollers consist of three small double drum steel and two combination steel/pneumatic tyre roller models, all with 4000 vpm vibration frequencies. The SW300-1, SW320-1 and SW330-1 have drum widths of 39, 47 and 51 in, respectively.

The TW320-1 and TW330-1 rollers combine vibratory drum and pneumatic tyres, and have 47 and 51 in vibratory drums, respectively. All five models feature a hydrostatic drive on both ends of the machine and all use 35 hp Kubota D1703-M-ET01 diesel engines.

Finally, the SV201 vibratory single drum soil rollers comprise three models: the smooth drum SV201D weighs 9590 lb; the padfoot SV201T weighs 9810 lb; the padfoot SV201TB with strike-off blade weighs 10470 lbs; and the padfoot/smooth drum combination SV201TF that weighs 11465 lbs.

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