Sakai rolls out SW770HF in Orlando

By Steve Skinner17 March 2009

Sakai unveiled its 10.6 tonne SW770HF vibratory tandem roller at World of Asphalt

Sakai unveiled its 10.6 tonne SW770HF vibratory tandem roller at World of Asphalt

Sakai unveiled its new 10.6 tonne SW770HF vibratory tandem roller last week at the World of Asphalt show in Orlando, US. The machine on show was the first production model in a ‘slow release' program and represents Sakai's entry into the larger rollers market in the US.

"In developing the SW770HF we wanted to produce a low profile roller with a high profile appearance," said Shane Sirmons, marketing manager. "The new model features a totally new frame that we intend to use in the future for a new range of combination rollers."

Over the coming 2 years Sakai expects to introduce 2 m and 2.1 m standard rollers based on the same frame (operating weights yet to be established) as well as combination and vibratory pneumatic tyre versions.

The SW770HF on show featured a 1.7 m roll width and a three stage vibration frequency covering 41.6 hertz, 50 hertz and 66.6 hertz.

"We wanted to increase the centrifugal force and offer a roller that featured the same components but different widths," Mr Sirmons told iC. "This frame lies at the heart of this process and we'll now start field trials with some of our key US cutomers."

As well as the new low profile frame, the SW770HF also features Sakai's ‘econ mode' that enables the machine to run on half throttle for smooth runs. "Econ mode just affects the drive motors, so on smooth level runs it offers excellent fuel economy," said Mr Sirmons. "Naturally, for hills the full power band is available.

"In conjunction with econ mode, we have also built our ‘exact compact' control system into the dash. This has proved to be a popular yellow, green and red light display system that easily enables an operator to control the speed of the roller for consistent compaction," said Mr Sirmons.
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