Samoco Acquires Gosselin Logistics’ Heavy Lifting + Handling Division

21 July 2020

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Sarens’ Samoco unit is pleased to welcome Gosselin Logistics’ Heavy Lifting + Handling division to the Sarens Group. This new acquisition allows Samoco to bring a full scope of services to industrial clients who need to change the location or layout of their plants, and comes at a time when many Western European companies are either reorganising to become more efficient or relocating to lower-cost countries. 

Together, Samoco and Heavy Lifting + Handling will offer full-service equipment installation, removal and relocation, from installing single machines to performing full factory relocations. They will support clients who continue to invest in the heavy process industry and need a reliable partner to offer a full package of services, from preparation to start of operations.

Heavy Lifting + Handling brings its strengths in industrial moving, machinery relocation, production lines, complete factories, and turnkey projects. Meanwhile, Samoco brings a proven track record in the assembly and disassembly of production plant equipment, as well as a focus on fast-growing niche areas such as the maintenance and revision of port and overhead cranes, bundle extraction, and industrial relocation.

By joining forces, Samoco and Heavy Lifting + Handling leverage their combined strengths. Heavy Lifting + Handling has an excellent reputation and extensive experience in equipment erection, assembly, disassembly, and movement. It can operate a wide array of lifting systems, electrical cranes, and other specialised manipulation equipment, and their new Ormig 60T electrical crane is a unique addition to the Belgian market. 

“The addition of this very experienced industrial moving team, along with the 60T electrical Ormig crane, will make Samoco a force to be reckoned with in the Belgian industrial services market,” says Samoco General Manager Arne Depuydt. “It expresses our continued ambition to become the reference industrial equipment manipulation partner in Western Europe and beyond.”

Samoco’s operations are focused on the Benelux region of Belgium as well as Germany, although it can support and follow clients anywhere in the world. 

Clients interested in working with Samoco and the Heavy Lifting + Handling division can reach out directly through the Samoco website. Heavy Lifting + Handling will continue to serve its strong network of clients as part of Samoco, with its business unit manager remaining the primary point of contact.

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