Sarens instrumental in building Unit 3 and 4 of the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant

By Sarens14 April 2020


The Sarens team in the USA successfully transported oversized plant components at the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant. Vogtle Plant Units 3 and 4 are the first nuclear plants to be built in the United States in 30 years. Once completed, units 3 and 4 will generate electricity to power approximately 500.000 homes and businesses.

Sarens was commissioned by Southern Nuclear to devise a cost effective solution for transporting oversized components to the heavy lift cranes. Our teams proposed utilising K24 Gen S along with SPMT spacers to reduce the amount of axle lines onsite and, thus, bringing down the cost. 

Sarens is responsible for the transport of all sections of the nuclear plant and will be onsite until the second quarter of 2021. Some of the critical sections transported by our team so far include the reactor, steam generators, and the most critical containment building sections. 

The travel path for moving the containment roof, measuring 135ft in diameter and 37ft in height, was the most challenging and involved three 90 degree turns.  At its final location, the roof was rotated to the correct orientation to be finally lifted. 

According to the Sarens Project Manager, Louie Bello, “Having 12 individual K24 only linked together by data cable presented a challenge. Alignment was crucial as was having all units travel at the same speed. Any misalignment would have caused stress to the containment building and effected the center of gravity of each K24. ” He adds, “Our team of two supervisors, two SPMT operators, and three spotters worked together to safely guide the roof through the congested spaces and avoid any underground vaults.”

Watch the video of the operation here!

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