Sarens Launches Depot Business Model in Belgium

By Sarens20 October 2020

94607_Belgium Depot

This month, Sarens is exploring how the depot business model is poised to benefit Sarens clients in Belgium. In this interview, Steven Crispeels, Country Manager of Sarens Belgium, shares his insights about this strategic direction.

Why is Sarens launching a depot business model in Belgium?

“With the regional depots we have established around the globe, we have been able to stay close to our clients and provide them with the regional service they require. We are aiming to do the same in Belgium, creating local ownership and fostering a feeling of belonging among our staff members, which include about 100 crane operators, riggers, and truck drivers as well as 50 managers, planners, engineers, project managers, and site supervisors.”

“This business model also makes us more competitive in the Belgian market because it allows us to serve more local clients, keep transport costs low, and focus on efficiency. However, this approach is not new to us. Ten years ago, Sarens Belgium already had a depot model, and Sarens France has been working as a depot organisation for some time.”

Where will the Belgian depots be located? 

“Historically, we have always been present in Wolvertem (Brussels), Genk (Limburg), Wommelgem (Antwerp) and Ghent (East of Flanders). These are all good depot locations, which is why we will continue to have a presence there. Because each already has the necessary facilities, we officially opened them in June. Additionally, because of the density of projects on Antwerp’s left bank in the coming years, we are now opening an extra depot there. As other opportunities come along, we will open new depots.”

“Each depot will be fully independent. While Ghent is not yet an official depot because of its size, we plan to start increasing operations there so that it becomes fully independent in a couple of years.”

How will Sarens serve clients through this depot model?

“Our strategy is based on offering a dual-based business model to our clients. Sarens Projects offers the high-end, value-added, full-service package that includes engineering, supervisors, SHEQ services, and more to enable project management from A to Z. Sarens Rental, meanwhile, offers standard crane rental services from four local depots. We can provide clients with cranes from 40 through 800 tonnes, as well as truck cranes and mobile tower cranes up to 60 metres.”

“Our rental depots serve mostly local civil and industrial clients across Belgium. The focus of our left bank depot, officially named SBE Projects, will be all crane rental and lifting projects in the region of the port of Antwerp.”

How quickly can Sarens provide solutions for clients in Belgium?

“Flexibility remains a key focus for our organisation. This means we are able to react and act immediately to provide the correct solutions for customers, whether they need a rental crane or a comprehensive project solution.”

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