Sarens super heavy lifter heads East

By Sarah Ann McCay10 June 2012

Sarens' SGC-120 in action

Sarens' SGC-120 in action

International lifting and transport specialist Sarens will ship its super heavy lift SGC-120 to China where it will help top construct an oil platform.

Sarens will work in cooperation with the Cheviot Octabuoy project at the Cosco Shipyard in Nantong, China, to build the platform. The 3,200 tonne capacity Sarens SGC-120 super heavy lift crane was launched in 2011 and is rated at 120,000 tonne-metres.

It will be charged with lifting several modules in the construction of the top-side drilling platform, with a total weight of 15,000 US tons (13,600 tonnes). Using its SGC-120, Sarens will lift modules weighing up to 1,300 US tons (1200 tonnes).

The SGC-120 is to be transported to China after finishing a job in Arizona, USA. The crane will be assembled on-site and moved with SPMTs (self-propelled modular trailers) to its lifting position. Assembly of the crane will start in August 2012, with lifting scheduled to start in October 2012. The lifting project will last several months.

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