Scanclimber’s heavy duty mast climber

05 September 2011

Scanclimber's heavy duty work platform SC8000.

Scanclimber's heavy duty work platform SC8000.

At APEX Scanclimber will be showing the SC8000 mast climbing work platform based on the SC5000 and designed to carry out heavy-duty tasks at minimal cost.

Like other Scanclimber products the SC8000 is of a modular design, so customers can customise the platform to meet the needs of each work site and use components from across the model range. This flexibility can offer significant savings in equipment investment when specific requirements change between work sites.

The interchangeable main components for the models with different loading capacities include key components such as the wheeled chassis, the mini-chassis and the mast sections. The mast is common across the range and eliminates the need for close logistical control, which saves in capital and handling costs.

The SC8000 climbs steplessly up the mast to a maximum height of 300m using a heavy duty rack and pinion system of high grade steel. The mast is erected to the desired height by connecting 1.25m, hot-dip galvanised, sections with bolted joints. The mast profile is square in section and construction so cylindrical rollers, which dissipate loads into the mast across the full face of the roller, can be used. This prevents wear and damage to the mast and permits higher loadings to be accommodated.

The platform is supported at all four corners of the mast structure rather than at only two for increased torque resistance, which allows a large array of deck extensions up to 6m in length to be used.

The outstandingly mast has a freestanding height of 19m with the SC8000.

Standard anchoring is at a 12.5 m pitch and Scanclimber's Maxianchors allow this pitch to be further increased to 18.5m, driving down installation times and minimizing the number of façade penetrations.

Scanclimber SC8000 deck sections are identical to those used on the sister SC5000 model. The structure of the deck sections has been developed using special steel profiles to provide maximum strength and torsional stiffness while minimising the weight. For further strength the platform deck is also assembled using dual bolted joints. The deck modules are available in 0.5m, 0.8m and 1.6m lengths. In single mast arrangements, the work platform can be up to 16.9metres long as standard when the machine has a payload of 2800kg. Twin mast configurations allow the maximum standard length of the platform to be 46.2m and the capacity 1000kg.

The maximum loading capacity for single mast arrangements is 4500 kg and 8000 kg for a 15.8m long twin mast arrangement. The 1.6m wide platform can be equipped with extensions both at the front and back, this gives even more room to work or to 'mould' to the contours of the façade and can be up to 6m in length.

Like all Scanclimber mast climbing work platforms the SC8000 can be equipped with a standard weather protection system, which shields workers and the work in progress from the extremes of the weather significantly improving the workplace conditions and dramatically improving both production and work quality.

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