Schmidbauer buys Tadano ATF 130G-5

By Christian Shelton23 September 2019

Munich, Germany-headquartered crane and haulage specialist Schmidbauer has expanded its fleet with the addition of an all terrain crane from Japanese manufacturer Tadano.

The Tadano model Schmidbauer opted for was the 130 tonne capacity ATF 130G-5 which will be primarily used for assembling pre-cast concrete components, garages and steel structures.

“It’s a great crane, not to mention agile - which is a real plus point on increasingly smaller building sites - and the two-engine concept is fantastic,” said Markus Hain, part of the Schmidbauer Technical Field Services team. “If, for example, the carrier engine needs to be bypassed due to extensive periods of downtime on the construction site, the superstructure engine takes over and vice versa. In short, you can be really flexible and self-sufficient with the 130 model.”


From left to right: Hans Asam, Tadano area sales manager, Markus Hain, technical field services, and Karl Erdt, crane operator - both from Schmidbauer

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