SDMO adds flexible lighting towers

By Patrick Hill21 October 2008

The RL12 and RL16 from SDMO provide 320000 lumens of light and either 5.2 or 8.8 kW of auxiliary pow

The RL12 and RL16 from SDMO provide 320000 lumens of light and either 5.2 or 8.8 kW of auxiliary power.

French manufacturer SDMO has released three new lighting towers, the RL6, RL12, and RL16, in its Rental Power range. All three comprise a tower section, and a generator set that can be separated, on a trailer.

All three models are powered by Mitsubishi diesel engines and are available on a site trailer with fixed tongue or on a road trailer with an adjustable-height tongue.

The smallest is the 840 kg, single-phase RL6, which provides 100000 lumens from the four halogen bulbs atop its manually-deployed, 350º-rotating, 7 m high mast. Rated at 5.5 kW and offering 1.5 kW of auxiliary power, the RL6 runs for 31 hours on a tank of fuel. Its sound rating is 86 LwA and dimensions are 3340 mm (L) by 1400 mm (W) by 1820 mm (H).

The two larger models each provide 320000 lumens from their motor-raised, 8.5 m high masts. The luminosity of each of the four 1000 W metal halide lamps is individually controlled. SDMO said its halide lamps are 3.2 times more energy efficient than halogen bulbs, offer longer service lives, and - without a filament - are shock resistant.

The major difference between the RL12 and RL16 is the auxiliary power available: 5.2 kW from the RL12 and 8.8 kW from the RL16. Also, the lower-capacity machine runs for 20 hours on a tank of fuel, while the bigger version runs for 15 hours. Both weigh approximately 1430 kg, have a sound rating of 87 LwA, and measure 4170 mm (L) by 1420 mm (W) by 2500 mm (H).

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