Selected exhibitors

15 April 2008

Company Area/Booth

3B6 A5.328

Italian designer, developer and manufacturer of operator assistance devices.

Action Construction Equipment Limited F8.N822/2

Indian manufacturer of pick and carry type cranes. Also offers self erecting and top slewing tower cranes and hydraulic truck loader cranes.

AGS F9.903A/2

Tower crane safety products including the AC3 anticollision system, AN3 anemometer, and the SF3 elevated obstruction lighting system. Also available are communications and energy distribution products.

ALA Officine A4.307

Hydraulic swivel joints for cranes, aerial work platforms and other equipment with slewing parts.

Alimak Hek F11.1102/6

Personnel elevators.

Amco Veba F8.N826/2

Italian manufacturer of hydraulic loader cranes.

American Crane & Tractor Parts, Inc. A5.121/220

Heavy equipment spare parts and components for Caterpillar machines.


Construction machinery exhibition in Turkey.

ANMOPyC A1.304

The Spanish Manufacturers' Association of Construction and Mining Equipment will showcase the products and services of more than 50 companies at this year's Bauma. ANMOPyC has increased its stand area by 63% since the last Bauma in 2004. This year's Spanish Pavillion, in Hall A (A1-304), will occupy more than 10,000 m2, the largest in its history. Members from the lifting industry include Comansa, Forza, Gosan, Ikusi, Itowa, Jaso, and TAIM. Also attending the show will be representatives from recent new member, IED Desarrollos Electrónicos Industriales, which specialises in tower crane safety systems and industrial electronics.

Arcomet Group F11.1106/2

International tower crane rental and sales company.

Ascorel A3.216

French manufacturer of safety systems for cranes.

Association of Equipment C4.121

Manufacturers (AEM) The AEM is an international organisation based in the US for manufacturers and service providers in the construction, mining, forestry, utility, etc. industries.

Atlas F7.704/705

See under Terex Cranes.

Autec F8.808/3

Radio remote control systems.

Axiomatic Technologies Corporation A3.649/752

Electronics and controls.

Bauer Maschinen F6.604

Foundation machines, including drilling and piling rigs, trench cutters and hydraulic grabs.

Benazzato Gru F9.903/8

Italian manufacturer of tower cranes.

Berco A5.327/432

Manufacturer of undercarriage components for crawler mounted construction equipment.

BigMove B5.310

Heavy haulage and special transport services.

BKL Baukran Logistik F8.802A/1

Tower crane sales, service, erection and transport, mobile crane rental, Liebherr tower cranes.

BKT Engineering GmbH F13.1303/3

Tower, bridge and gantry cranes.

BLS Enterprises, Inc. C4.226

Pads for tracks and stabilisers, grouser shoes.

BNP Paribas Lease Group B4.233

Finance services. Cable management systems and slip ring assemblies for cranes.

Certex F10.1003/7

Distributor of industrial lifting gear products and services.

Changsha Zoomlion Heavy F8.N818

Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. One of China's largest manufacturers of truck cranes, crawlers and other construction machinery. Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools B3.138 Air tools.

C.M.V. F13.1307/1

Heavy duty lattice boom hydraulic crawler cranes.

C.O.B.O. Group A5.302

Vehicle electrical components, including light clusters, steering wheels and columns.

Comansa F11.1103/8

Spanish tower crane manufacturer and pioneer of the flat top tower crane Linden Comansa will show “a new and long-awaited tower crane, together with a range of new accessories and latest generation systems, designed to offer fundamental advantages,” as part of its display that will include three tower cranes, between 80 and 500 tonne-metres.

Cometto F9.N923/1

Specialized transport equipment.

Condecta F12.1203/2

The Euro-Kran folding lattice tower crane for construction.

ConExpo Asia 2007 & ConExpo-Con/Agg 2008 C4.121

Construction equipment exhibitions in China and the US.

Construction Equipment A5.319.2

Association (CEA) UK trade association representing construction equipment manufacturer, their component and accessory suppliers and service providers.

Copma 2000 F7.N714/3

Hydraulic loader cranes from Italy.

Cormach F8.N826/1

Hydraulic loader cranes from Italy.

Crane Business F12.1204/5

Dutch crawler crane specialist and Marchetti distributor Crane Business will present the Logicrane on the Marchetti stand. The 65 tonne capacity Logicrane 65.40L telescopic boom crawler crane is a result of cooperation between Crane Business and Italian crane manufacturer Marchetti.

Logicrane is based on the Marchetti Sherpa with the addition of features and modifications specified by Crane Business. The result is a “compact and very powerful crane which combines the advantages of rough terrain mobile cranes and crawler cranes in terms of logistics and crane work,” explains Hemmo Luijerink at Crane Business. He says that the crane has the duties of a lattice boom crane but the flexibility in boom length of telescopic mobile cranes.

On stabilisers Logicrane's capacity is 65 tonnes while free on tracks in pick & carry mode 34 tonnes is the maximum. It has a 40 m boom and transport weight is 56 tonnes, including the removable 9 tonne counterweight.

Cranimax N/A

Crane management software. Find representatives at Terex Cranes and Sennebogen booths.

Cummins A4.315

In addition to the company's latest ranges of Tier III/Stage 3A compliant engines will be the A Series units that Cummins claims are the first production Tier IV compliant engines. Cummins further says that its Tier IV technology is built on the identical industrial engine range that was launched for Tier II in 2002.

The A Series engines range from 23 kW (31 hp) to 35 kW (47 hp), with a configuration that provides manufacturers with long-term platform stability.

The three cylinder A1700 and four cylinder A2000 and A2300 units are ideal for compact construction equipment. According to the company, they provide high power density and a compact envelope, ideal for skid steers, mini excavators, rollers and all other forms of compact equipment.

DaimlerChrysler B4.200

Engines, transmissions and other powertrain components and systems.

Dana A4.310

Supplier of drivetrain, chassis, structural and engine technologies.

De Jong's liften F7.N717/3

Passenger hoists for crane operators.

DES Diesel Exhaust Systems A4.128

Diesel exhaust after treatment systems for commercial vehicles.

Deutz A4.317/516

Highlight of the Deutz display will be a hybrid engine-powered construction machine, produced in conjunction with Weyhausen. Further details were unavailable at press time.

Deutz will also show its 2010 series of engines, with outputs up to 75kW. Built to Tier III/Stage 3A, the basic concept of these engines will be used to take Deutz into Tier IV/Stage 3b and beyond. The four cylinder turbocharged units have a displacement of 3.5 litres, and are available with charge-air cooling as an option, depending on application. Testing on these new units will be carried out over 2007 and series production is expected to begin in the second half of 2008.

Also on the stand will be the latest versions of the proven 2011 series compact engines, which are now available with water cooling. The primary reasons for this development, says Deutz, was customer requests for higher outputs with unchanged installation space, as well as the need to meet the Tier III/Stage IIIA emission limits.

Dieci F9.907A

Telescopic handlers.

Diepa Drahtseilwerk Dietz A5.305

Wire rope. Deutz 2015 diesel engine

Dinamic Oil A4.304

Components for slewing, lifting and pulling.

Doll Fahrzeugbau F7.N715/6

Trailers for specialized transport.

Donaldson Europe A4.204

Induction air filters for engines.

Dunlop Hiflex A4.102

Hydrualic hoses.

Dromos A5.111

Axles and power transmission for a range of equipment types.

E-Build Innovations A7.300.2

Tower crane anti-collision and zoning system.

Eaton A3.503/602

Hose and tubing specialist Eaton Fluid Power will be unveiling its Next Generation connector at Bauma. The connector is threadless and allows water and hydraulic hoses to be plugged straight into the threaded port without the need for an adapter. According to Eaton, this is the only system of its kind available and will make on site repairs both quicker and simpler to carry out.

Eberspächer A4.339

Cab heaters.

Effer F7.N718/3

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Enteco F12.1212/8

Crawler cranes, foundation and drilling machines.

ERA – European Rental Association A7.205

The representative association of the equipment rental sector in Europe. ERA has 89 registered members in 13 countries and 10 activity sectors.

Euro Rigo F11.1103/1

Kato and Rigo mobile cranes.

Eurogru F9.903/8

Manufacturer of top and bottom slewing tower cranes, specialized cranes for the roofing, metal, and window construction industries.

F.lli Ferrari Corporation F8.N826/6

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Fassi Gru F8.N824/1

On show from the Italian manufacurer's range of hydraulic loader cranes will be four new large models extending the range upwards – the F500A, the F560AXP, the F600A and the F660AXP, while for the light range (6.5 and 8 tonne-metre cranes), the new L061 hydraulic jib will be on display. All the new models have continuous slewing and the other mechanical, hydraulic and electronic devices from the existing “Evolution” range will be fitted as standard.

The F500A and F560AXP replace the F480A and F530AXP and there will be seven versions of these models of crane, ranging from the. 22 to the. 28, with from two to eight hydraulic extensions. Maximum lifting moment is 51.5 tonne-metres for the F500A and 56.3 tonne-metres for the F560AXP.

The F600A and F660AXP are evolutions of the F540A and F600AXP. There will be seven versions of the F600A and F660AXP, from the. 22 to the. 28, with between two and eight hydraulic extensions. Lifting moments are 56.8 tonne-metres for the F600A and 62 tonne-metres for the F660AXP.

For the light range, the new jib is the L061, which completes the new jib range that allows light weight cranes to be fitted with a third articulation. The new jib has an hydraulic extension with a reach of 1.2 m, plus another optional manual extension, and it will be combined with two models of crane in the light range: the F65A, version. 22, and the F80A, version. 23.

Faymonville F8.N826/5

Trailers and specialized transport equipment.

Feltes A1.410

New from German manufacturer Feltes is a lateral stand to go with the company's 15 tonne capacity aluminium gantry crane system. The new portal lateral stand has two vertical supports so it can be placed above or next to the load. Before now it was only possible to place the lateral stand behind the load. The load is normally moved between the two lateral stands but now the load can be moved through the portal, which helps in confined areas.

Ferrari International 2 A3.524

Hydraulic accessories, personnel baskets, forks, rotators, winches, outrigger systems and mats.

Fliegl F8.N824/5

Semi trailers and other types.

Flli Ferrari Corporation F8.N826/6

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Floor Trailers F8.N823/1

Specialized transport equipment.

FM Gru F11.1104/11

Tower cranes.

Fozmula A5.118

Level sensors and tank senders.

Frutiger B3.416/509

Mobile wheel-washing systems get a boost in capability, according to Frutiger, with the MobyDick Mobile Top model. The system delivers about 3,600 litres/min through its spray bars and requires no site excavation. The company's designers added a recycling tank and two pumps to achieve the increased capability. The additional tank includes a sediment conveyor and allows use of precipitating chemicals.

Fuchs Lubritech A5.122

Centralised lubrication systems for mobile equipment.

Geda F10.1004/1

Personnel hoists.

Gehl F6.N612/7


Genie Europe F7.704/705


GKD Technik A5.411.8

Designers and manufacturer of electronic systems for construction machines, specialising in rated capacity indicators.

GKN OffHighway A6.537

Component and system supplier to OEMs and distributors of construction and mining machinery. GKN OffHighway operates globally manufacturing an extensive product portfolio, including wheels, axles, gearboxes and driveshafts.

Goldhofer F8 N819/1

On show will be eight products, two of which will be new – a four axle low loader and a three axle tonne semi trailer. The four axle TU 4 is designed for lowcapacity deadweight and easy handling. The position of the centre of gravity has been improved and the rear end has been redesigned with a new ramp for simple and safe operation. “With this vehicle we will revolutionise the trailer market,” claims Bernhard Katzenschwanz, Goldhofer technical board member.

The other new Goldhofer is the three axle semi trailer type STN-LS 3. It is described by the manufacturer as a light, multi-functional low loader for transporting construction machines. It offers multiple transport possibilities within a gross combination length of 16.5 m.

Also on display will be the self-propelled modular transporter type PST-SLE. It has electronic multi-way steering giving each six-axle heavy duty module normal, diagonal, transverse and carousel steering.

Making up the remaining exhibits will be the following. A three-axle STZ-TL 3 drop deck semi trailer with optimisations that include a gooseneck with outer beams for the longest possible load, the compact construction of gooseneck and bogie enable more drop deck length.

The three axle semi trailer type STZ-VL 3 has advantages that include adaptability for a range of applications; the special drop deck can be converted into a crawler deck; and there is an integrated crawler/vessel recess in the bogie.

Visitors will also be able to see the six-axle STZ-L 6 semi trailer which has a load platform more than 12 m long and can be extended by another 16.5 m allowing transport of loads up to 30 m long.

Grammer A6.331

Two seats with integrated controls are new from Grammer. The Actimo Evolution has controls to provide tactile feedback and they are arranged on two levels; those more frequently used are at the top of the control stick. The seat automatically adjusts itself to driver's weight and position, and it incorporates a low-natural-frequency suspension system to dampen vibration.

The MSG97EAC/742 looks similar to the Evolution model, but it includes an electronic system that dynamically adjusts the seat's pneumatig suspension to further reduce vibration transmitted to the operator.

HBC-radiomatic F7.702/5

Making its world premiere will be the technos transmitter series. It is aimed at a range of applications in the construction industry. New versions of the spectrum 1 will also be highlighted.

Features of the new technos include the new iCON multifunction switch, which offers new possibilities for display configuration and navigation. When deciding on the basic form of the weight transmitter, the customer has the choice between joysticks and linear levers, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from tower cranes to rapid assembly cranes or concrete pumps and loading cranes. It is designed to have a compact and robust housing and, with the soft lines of the rollover bars, to have operating comfort.

In addition to the technos product line, HBC-radiomatic is also presenting a new range of receivers for stationary and mobile applications in the construction sector. In addition, a completely new version of the spectrum 1 transmitter, which has been the standard belly box for many decades, will be on display. In future, spectrum 1 will have the option of a display and additional functions.

Hirschmann Automation and Control A5.207

Showcased will be electronic control and safety systems for mobile applications under the Hirschmann, PAT and Krüger brands. Highlights include a scalable crane controller based on a new console generation and new controllers from the iFLEX range. These include the low-cost compact series, which can be programmed with the application platform CoDeSys from 3S Software.

Also new is the load torque limiting system Hirschmann mentor QVGA, which enables graphic representation of all application-relevant data in a display. As a specialist for Industrial Ethernet, Hirschmann will also be demonstrating the use of this transmission protocol in communication between mobile controllers for the first time.

Novelties in the field of graphic operating and display panels include the 6.5 inch (165 mm) colour console expert compact (400 x 200 pixels, 256 colours) and the new Scalable Mobile Console family which is offered in a Basic, Professional and High-end version. Depending on the application, touch screens and rotating control wheels are used in addition to the classic input possibilities.

Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co. F12.1202/4

Making its European debut from Hitachi Sumitomo is the 120 tonne capacity SCX1200-2 lattice boom crawler crane. It is the first Hitachi Sumitomo crane only for the European market. Other models on show will be the 40 tonne capacity SCX400T telescopic boom crawler crane, the 80 tonne capacity SCX800HD-2 and the 275 tonne capacity SCX2800-2 lattice boom crawler cranes. Also on show will be the 40 tonne capacity SCX400T telescopic crawler crane, and the SCX800HD-2 and SCX2800-2 lattice crawler cranes, 80 and 275 tonnes capacity, respectively.

HMF Højbjerg Maskinfabrik F7.N714/7

Danish loader crane manufacturer HMF will launch a new range of models in the 12 to 16 tonne-metre category. Three existing HMF loader models will be replaced by eight new ones. They will have the HMF InfoCentre, which is designed to present the operator with the most important information on the condition of the loader. It is like the dashboard in a car. The equipment in the safety package warns and protects against: overturning, overloading, hazardous movements, crashing into bridges and improperly deployed stabilisers. It aims to protect against negligence of the user in a busy work day.

Humbauer F8.N828/2

Trailers from Humbaur include models for machinery and materials. The range has a tandem low loader and the triple axle construction machine transporter type low loader in the 1000 series.

Hägglunds Drives A5.123

Hydraulic drive systems using radial piston motors. The motors are designed to give low speed and high torque under tough conditions with minimum maintenance.

Integrated Hydraulics A5.307

Design, manufacture and supply of hydraulic screw-in cartridge valves and hydraulic integrated circuits (manifold blocks).

International Cranes and Specialized Transport B3.301

Come and meet the IC team. We look forward to meeting as many visitors as possible on the publisher KHL Group stand.

Itowa F8.801/1

New from this Spanish manufacturer of radio remote controls and mobile electronics is the SCI (Supervision and Control Interface), a new system for the control of all types of machinery or industrial process, the manufacturer says. Data can be managed and monitored from any computer via the Itowa web site using GPRS technology.

Also new are receivers compatible with the whole line of Itowa radio controls. “They incorporate the latest technological advances and new advantages such as: modularity, versatility, output through-connector, integrated antenna, and the possibility of magnetic fastening; as well as maintenance without tools.”

A new radio control will be on show with 16 double push-buttons, two selectors and two lateral auxiliaries on the transmitter. Another new remote is the Tunner, a new radio control that synthesizes both the basic features of the remote control for cranes and multiple industrial applications. It is the smallest and most complete equipment in the market, Itowa says.

Iveco C4.213

The truck and engine manufacturer will present five on-highway trucks aimed at the construction market. These will include a building materials 6x2x4 vehicle from the Stralis range that will be displayed as a platform truck for a loader crane, a Trakker AD 8x4x4 with a concrete mixer body, a Trakker AD 6x6 with 3-way tipper and a Trakker AT as a heavy duty tractor. Iveco is also planning to show its rigid dumper under its Astra brand.

Jaso F10.1003/4

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Jaso Equipos De Obras Y Construcciones says its “new model J600 saddle jib tower crane is the result of more than 30 years of experience manufacturing tower cranes.” The J600 is likened to a flat top tower crane in that the 4 m high tower head protrudes only 1.5 m over the highest point of the jib. It will be shown with its maximum free standing height of 86.4 m, on a 10 x 10 m cross base, and with maximum 80 m jib. Maximum capacity is 20 tonnes to 24 m radius and at 80 m capacity is 5.1 tonnes. It is designed for easy transport and all motions are by frequency converter drive.

Jost Cranes F11.1101/3

Completing the Jost range of flat top luffing jib tower cranes is the new JTL 68.4. It is designed for cost-effective transport and erection. The heaviest component is around 5 tonnes. On two falls of rope the maximum load is 4 tonnes and maximum hook height is 125 m. Maximum jib length is 40 m where the load is 1.5 tonnes.

New in the Jost flat top saddle jib range is the JT 132.8. As the smallest model it has a maximum load of 8 tonnes on four falls of rope, and a maximum 55 m jib with a capacity at jib-end of 1.7 tonnes. Free standing tower height is up to 60 m on the 1.38 m TH 15.2 mast.

KHL Group B3.301

As the largest provider of international construction information, KHL has nine magazines, two exhibitions, digital magazines, internet, e-casting, contract publishing, direct mail, research, directories, books, videos and living magazines. Products include: International Cranes and Specialized Transport, American Cranes & Transport, International Construction, Construction Europe, Demolition & Recycling International, International Rental News, Access International.

Kinshofer F6.603/1

Attachments for cranes and excavators, including grabs, grapples and material handling attachments for the construction industry.

Knott A4.414

Design, development and supply of braking systems.

Kobelco Cranes Europe F12.1202/2

Making its debut from Kobelco will be the 550 tonne capacity SL6000 lattice boom crawler crane. Its maximum boom and jib configuration with Super Heavy Lift (SHL) is 84 m main boom with 84 m luffing jib for a total of 170 m. Target applications in world markets include construction of power stations and petrochemical plants, ports, shipbuilding and wind turbine erection. The design is modular for easy transport, assembly and dismantling. At the show it will be in the colours of UK rental house Weldex.

Also on show will be the 80 tonne capacity BME800HD heavy duty, multi-purpose foundation crawler crane. An option on this model is the “two cranes in one” system where it can be used or hired out as an 80 tonner with full counterweight or as a 70 tonner with reduced counterweight and lift chart when the two carbody conter weights of 3.34 tonnes each between the crawlers are left off, making the crane easier to transport and reducing transport cost.

The 60 tonne capacity CKE600 multi-purpose crawler crane with optional tractor-type crawlers will also be on display. Like the 80 tonner above, the 60 has the “two cranes in one” system: a 60 tonner with full counterweight or as a 45 tonner with reduced counterweight and lifting chart when the rear counterweight of 6.2 tonnes is left off, making the crane easier to transport and reducing transport cost and operating weight (also convenient when working on a barge).

The final crane on show will be a 180 tonne capacity CKE1800. It is a multi-purpose crawler crane in the 180 tonne class and successor to the 7150.

Liebherr F8.807

Of the 75 Liebherr exhibits, around a third will be cranes (12 mobile, five crawler and nine tower cranes). In pride of place will be the LTM 11200-9.1. It is the first 1,200 tonne capacity mobile crane with a record 100 m telescopic boom. The nine axle giant is the most powerful telescopic crane in the world. Maximum boom and jib combination gives a lift height of 170 m. The Telematik boom consists of a base section and seven telescopic parts. A four-section “short” version is possible with the four inner sections dismounted. This allows a boom length of 55 m with a 3 m lattice head section.

Erection of two and three newmegawatt turbines is a target application.

Another mobile making its debut will be the 50 tonne LTM 1050-3.1, successor to the LTM 1045-3.1, of which almost 500 units have been built since 2002. At 38 m the telescopic boom is 4 m longer than the previous model and load capacities are an average of 12% higher. With its 16 m biparted swing-away jib, the LTM 1050-3.1 reaches a maximum hook height of 54 m. At 12 tonnes per axle the 36 tonne overall weight of the three axle crane includes the biparted swing away jib, 5.8 tonnes of ballast, 16.00 tyres, an eddy current brake, a 6 x 6 driveline and the hook block.

Dominating the Liebherr stand, if not the entire show, will be the 1,350 tonne capacity LR 11350 crawler crane. Maximum boom and jib combination length is 228 m (114 m main boom + 114 m luffing fly jib) for a maximum height under hook of 223 m. Maximum load capacity is achieved on 60 m of main boom with derrick and the ballast trailer set at a radius of 12 m. Maximum load moment of 22,748 tonne-metres is at 22 m radius. A primary design requirement was economical component transport so no section exceeds a transport width of 3.5 m or weighs more than 45 tonnes.

The new 300 tonne capacity LR 1300 lattice boom crawler crane fills a gap in the range between the LR 1280 and the LR 1350/1. Mobility is a primary feature, the manufacturer says, “making it suitable even as a ‘taxi construction-site operations.” Maximum boom and jib combination length is 172 m (59 m main boom + 113 m luffing jib). Using the high reach attachment variant, the jib can be extended to 120 m. A derrick attachment with ballast trailer is offered for heavy loads. Components of the disassembled LR 1300, which have a maximum transport width of 3 m, can be transported on low-cost standard low loaders and jib sections can be moved inside boom sections.

From the duty cycle range visitors will be able to see a new heavy duty version of the Liebherr HS 895 HD Litronic for tough applications such as dragline. It has a 670 kW (912 hp) 12 cylinder diesel engine and the dragline winch has a 45 tonne pulling force. This means greater performance and reduced wear. Electro-hydraulic, stepless proportional controls enable all functions to be operated simultaneously. Other applications include lifting, dynamic soil compaction and material handling with grapples.

New for dismantling tall tower cranes is the 200 DR 5-10 derrick crane. Maximum load moment is 200 tonne-metres and maximum radius is 25 m. As standard it can hoist components for tower cranes in the 300 tonne-metre class and larger, down from a height of 320 m. The dimensions and weights of all the parts of the new crane are designed to enable them to be dismantled with the aid of a small hoist and removed via lift shafts in buildings.

The new Liebherr 22 HM fast-erecting crane is a larger version of the 13 HM from 2002. Like the smaller version, it is aimed at users from the building trade, carpentry, timber construction and the prefab industry. The new undercarriage steering is for easier manoeuvring on tight construction sites. Maximum load capacity is 2,000 kg, maximum hook height is 33.4 m and maximum radius is 27 m where capacity is 700 kg. It can be towed with a drawbar or a fifth-wheel mount or at up to 80 km/h on a three axle truck.

Also on show will be models from the now complete EC-B series of 14 flat-top tower cranes from 50 to 200 tonne-metres. At the top is the 280 EC-B 12 Litronic, which is from the previous generation of Liebherr flat tops. More than 600 EC-B cranes have been dispatched since the launch in April 2006. Representing the range at Bauma will be a 71 EC-B 5 and the 200 EC-B 10 Litronic.

The tallest tower crane at the show will be the 630 EC-H with a hook height of 90 m. Look out for an all-new luffing jib tower crane in the HC-L series and for a surprise in the K-series of fast erecting tower cranes too. Talking of surprises, there should be one in the mobile crane range too.

Lincoln F8.806A/7

New and on show from this manufacturer of lubrication systems will be the HTL 201 miniature hydraulic tool lubricator and the PowerLuber 14.4 Volt battery operated grease gun. Making their Bauma debut will be the SL-V and SL-V XL high output injectors for Centro-Matic single-line systems.

Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company F12.1202/4

See the Link-Belt HTT8690 hydraulic telescopic four axle “truck terrain” crane. The 90 US ton (81.6 tonne) crane has a five section 42.7 m boom. Maximum tip height is 72.2 m with two 4.9 m lattice boom inserts and the 10.7 to 17.7 m bi-fold lattice jib.

Power is from a 445 hp (332 kW) six cylinder Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine driving through a ZF AS-tronic gearbox with 12 forward and two reverse speeds. Suspension is Raydan Air Link walking beam and the aluminium wheels have 445/65 R22.5 super single tyres. The carrier is 8 feet six inches (2.6 m) wide and for maximum manoeuvrability all axles are steered. The four steering modes are; independent front, independent rear, combination, and crab.

Manitowoc Crane Group F11.1105/1

Dominating the Manitowoc Crane Group display will be the Grove GTK1100, aimed at wind turbine erection, or working on industrial or city centre sites. Benefits of the unconventional design are when lifting at height or where set-up space is restricted, MCG says. Transport is on a maximum of five trailers. The GTK1100 has a multi-axle wheeled carrier and a luffing telescopic boom, connected by an 81 m, six-section telescopic mast. Four spreaders at the top of the mast attach to outriggers at the base for stability. Provisional data shows a capacity of more than 70 tonnes to a height of more than 120 m and a maximum lift height of more than 140 m.

Also prominent on the MCG display will be the Manitowoc Model 14000 lattice crawler crane. It was announced late last year and will be in iron for the first time at Bauma. The fully hydraulic 200 tonner offers a maximum boom of 86 m and a luffing jib up to 113.8 m. As a replacement for the Model 4100W, “The Model 14000 has excellent potential both globally and in Europe.” Several dozen orders are on the books and deliveries will begin mid-2007, MCG says.

From Grove, visitors will get first sight of the 100 tonne capacity GMK5095 all terrain with 60 m boom in seven sections. Maximum tip height is 83 m with the hydraulic luffing bi-fold swingaway. Like other Grove models it can operate as a crane for mobility or a ‘Maxi’ crane for maximum capacity. It is the second Grove with the new ergonomic carrier cab unveiled last year on the GMK4100. Also making its first public appearance will be the long boom version of that 100 tonner on four axles. Like the GMK5095 the GMK4100-L has a 60 m seven-section main boom and 83 m maximum tip height.

Representing cranes is the new 35 tonne capacity RT540CE. The Italian built 35 tonner has a 31 m four-section boom and an offsettable telescopic swing-away jib extends tip height to 47 m. Counterweight is 4.5 tonnes and there are dual-axis electric joysticks in the new all-steel cab. The RT540E is a 40 US ton capacity version available from MCG in Shady Grove, US.

Top slewing tower cranes from crane manufacturer Potain include a new pair of flat tops and a luffing jib model. The MDT 218 is the fourth and largest addition to the flat top MDT range. Available in 8 and 10 tonne versions, there are also two mast options, offering under hook heights of 55.7 m on a 1.6 m mast or 65.2 m on a 2 m mast. Maximum jib is 65 m and at 21 m radius capacity is 10 tonnes.

The other new flat top is the MCT 88. It is the first of its type in the MC range of city cranes, a series designed to be small, quick to erect, quick to transport, and take up little ground area on site. Like the larger MDT 218, the MCT 88 has potain's distinctive aerodynamic counter jib. Maximum capacity is 5 tonnes and at the end of the maximum 52 m jib it can lift 1.1 tonne.

Also on display will be the MR 295, latest luffing jib crane announced last year. A 60 m jib is the maximum for the three models available– H16, H20, and H25, which are 16, 20, and 25 tonnes capacity, respectively. Maximum load at jib-end is 2.8 tonnes on the H16. Mechanisms available include potain's 150 LCC hoisting winch and RVF 182 Optima + slewing mechanism.

New bottom slewing self erecting tower cranes are the Potain Igo T 70 and Igo MC 13. The former is the first of a new range that uses a telescopic tower. The height of the two-section telescopic tower on the Igo T 70 can be increased by adding sections for a working height between 20 and 32 m in 3 or 6 m increments. Maximum capacity is 4 tonnes and it is 1.3 tonnes at the maximum 40 m radius. The Igo MC 13 has a trailer axle so it can be towed at up to 25 km/h with full counterweight without exceeding 12 tonnes on the single rear axle. Erection time is less than 30 minutes, the manufacturer claims, maximum capacity is 1.8 tonnes and 0.6 tonnes can be lifted at the maximum 22m radius.

From the Crane Care division visitors will be able to see demonstrations of on line applications, including the new E-Training programs and GPX2, which allows dealers to enter quotes, place orders and check parts availability.

Méthocad A3.214/2

See the latest Méthocad software for tower crane siting, job planning and formwork. Version 8.1 has new modules for mobile cranes, site safety and virtual reality. The mobile crane module allows identification of the type of mobile crane needed to erect and dismantle the individual tower cranes on a job plan. The site safety module is for training and includes details of, for example, walkways, hand and guardrails. The virtual reality module allows interactive simulation as the user can manipulate objects in real time, like in a video game. It means that the three dimensional model can be used to check interference from obstructions, see if a slewing load will clear a building, etc. without having to find out during the job on site.

Michelin A6.427/526

Michelin will be launching a new electronic tyre monitoring system to measure pressure and temperature in real time. Initially the Michelin Earthmover Management System (MEMS) will be available for large dump trucks used in mining and will be rolled out to other applications later.

The system uses a transceiver fixed in the tyre to send information to a unit in the cab, which can pass information via GPRS to the site office. According to Michelin, the system will help ensure that tyres are kept in optimum condition to maximise service life and minimise downtime.

For all terrain cranes, Michelin offers the X-Crane AT tyre, which is designed to reduce vibration and braking distance. According to Michelin, the design of the tyre is split into two halves – the outer half has bigger tread blocks for stability, while the inner half has been designed to increase traction. The tyre can also be re-grooved to maximise service life.

MKG Maschinen- und Kranbau F8.N823/4

New from German crane manufacturer MKG will be the 30 tonne-metre HLK291 knuckle boom crane. It has a ring gear for continuous slewing and can have up to eight hydraulic jib extensions. The latest long-boom crane, the HMK401a4L, will be shown on a three axle chassis. It will have four hydraulic jib extensions and an hydraulically adjustable counterweight. Completing the list of new models will be a 100 tonne-metre telescopic construction crane on a four axle chassis. The HMK991Ta3-a3, MKG's top model, has three hydraulic extensions in the main boom and another three in the jib.

The HMK701Ta2-a3 construction crane will also be on show. It is mounted on a three axle truck and includes a camera at the boom tip for load monitoring. Also on display will be a 60 tonne-metre folding crane and a 24 tonne-metre telescopic recovery crane.

Motec A6.525

This German manufacturer will present new cameras, colour displays and new accessories. MC5100 is a new camera for winch control and hook monitoring on mobile cranes. The new camera module is designed to give clear, high contrast images and there is Motec System Bus to give independent control and operation.

Another new camera is the compact MC6000C which has a die-cast metal housing and is for demanding applications. It has viewing angles of 70 and 90 degrees so it can be used to monitor at the rear of construction vehicles. Cleaning systems are optional and use pressurised air or water. A protective cap is also available, as is a sun shade to improve image quality in bright sunlight.

The MD3172 is a new TFT display that is dust and water resistant to IP65. Its 7 inch (180 mm) display has a metal housing, reinforced mountings and metal plug-in connectors. Applications include machines with open operator stations. One or two cameras can be connected to the display available in 12 and 24 V versions.

Visitors should also look out for a new Nivomat inclination sensor used to level cranes and aerial work platforms. Electronic and maintenance free, the new Nivomat is described by the manufacturer as ecologically compatible and smaller than its predecessor.

Off-Highway Research A5.319.3

A specialist in research and analysis of international equipment markets. Published research documents and databases are available on markets in Europe, China, Russia and the Far East.

Omnex Control Systems A3.635

Radio control systems for mobile machines, wireless sensor connections for plant and municipal applications.

Ormig F10.1006/5

Italian crane manufacturer Ormig will show examples from its range of industrial pick and carry yard cranes and the 804AC truck crane. The pick and carry range is models from 10 to 60 tonnes capacity, with diesel or battery-electric power. The 80 tonne capacity 804AC is mounted on a commercial vehicle chassis and is designed to weigh in at less than 32 tonnes GVW so no special travel permits are needed. The fully hydraulic six section telescopic boom gives a reach of 48 m from the ground.

Palfinger F8.N822/3

Making its debut for Palfinger will be the PK 74002 Performance truck loader crane, which expands the range of large cranes. It replaces the PK 72002 and has 3% higher lifting capacity. Also new will be the Crayler F3 scissor-type transportable forklift model F3 253 PX-S.

Other cranes on show will include PK 8501 Performance loader crane, PK 25001 EL long-boom crane and an Epsilon E 140Z recycling crane with cabin. Other products will include Palift hook loaders, Palgate tail lifts and the new Crayler F3 scissor-type transportable forklift.

Perkins A4.117/312

The engine manufacturer will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary and will have its latest ranges on show. Particular emphasis will be on the 10-model 400 Series compacts, with the 402D-05 (10.2 kW @ 3,600 min-1) and the 404D-05 (38 kW @ 3,600 min-1) being the models on display. Three new units added to the range are the 30 kW node turbocharged 403D-15T, the naturally aspirated 403D-17, and the 49.2 kW 404D-22TA (turbocharged and aftercooled).

Also on the stand will be representative models from the 1100 Series. Based around a 1.1 litre platform, these engines are available in forms that suit the needs of OEMs in non-regulated markets through to Tier III/Stage 3a compliant units.

PM Group F7.N715/2

In addition to the 33SP (Platinum Line) hydraulic loader crane, Italian loader crane manufacturer PM will show a new model in the Classic line with the PM Power Tronic Compact electronic control system. In the Silver line PM will launch a model developed for handling construction material with a grab. The manufacturer forecasts strong sales in France and Germany where this kind of crane is heavily used. This model will also have the PM Power Tronic Compact. New and topping out the PM product line will be a new version of 85SP, the 85028SP+J1204.20 from the Platinum series.

Other cranes on show will be the 22SP, 25SP, 30SP, 40SP and 50P from the Gold series. All have the Power Tronic electronic management system.

New versions of the four section J500 and J700 hydraulic jibs will also be available.

Rayco Wylie A5.411.6

On display will be the i3000 rated capacity indicator. The graphical interface communicates crane configuration and other parameters to the operator. Data collection and remote transmission are optional. Data logging and range limitation features can be added. The i3000 is suitable for telescopic, port, dock, tower, lattice and rail cranes, the manufacturer says.

Scheuerle F8.N825/1

New is the SPMT 3000-SPIC heavy load module, a self-propelled vehicle with hydrostatic drive. It is 3 m wide, operates at just 1,190 mm high and it has electronic steering to +/- 140 degrees. It is also compatible with the towed heavy load units in the InterCombi series. The SPMT 3000-SPIC, which is available in module units with 4 and 6 axle lines, extends the product range even further, for transporting loads up to 15,000 tonnes. The twin-tyre pendulum axles have an axle load of 28 tonnes(Sistemas Forza) at 10 km/h and 40 tonnes at 0.5 km/h. Drive is from a coupled Z 340 PPU (power pack unit), which is 2,850 mm wide.

Also new is the Scheuerle Nicolas EuroCompact Formula 7 (F 7), a successor to the proven EuroCompact trailer. Like its predecessor the heavy load low-bed vehicle is designed for payloads of 80 tonnes and more. It is characterised by developments that include even shorter pendulum axle bogie units with a 12 tonne maximum axle load at 80 km/h.

Other exhibits include the examples from the Combi (Euro Combi, Flat Combi and Inter Combi) series of hydraulically suspended pendulum axle trailers. They can be coupled lengthwise and sideways and moved as trailers or semi trailers.

Sennebogen F7.706/1

A surprise launch will be an as-yet un-named machine in the D series. No further details were available at press time. Visitors “will be able to find out on site about an extraordinary machine with groundbreaking technology that sets new standards,” according to the company.

Largest of the cranes on display will be the 140 tonne capacity 4400 Star-Lifter lattice boom crawler rigged with 52.3 m main boom and 46.7 m fly.

Also look out for the 650 HD rope excavator with its 28 m guide poles and Delmag diesel hammer for driving piles. The pile driver's guide poles can be unbolted so the 650 HD can be used as a crane without restrictions.

Another crane on display will be the 683 HD, Sennebogen's flagship telescopic crane. Lift height is up to 60 m and maximum lifting capacity is 80 tonnes. Also telescopic is the new 608 Multicrane. It is designed to be compact (4.86 m long, 3 m high and 2.55 m wide) and manoeuvrable. Lifting capacity is 4 tonnes and maximum lift height is 20 m.

Serv Trayvou Interverrouillage (STI) A3.117

STI has been designing and manufacturing safety interlock systems for dangerous machinery and installations for almost a century. See the range of heavy duty safety interlocks available in stainless steel or copper-aluminium. They are suitable for harsh environments as there is auto-lubrication to extend product life and reduce maintenance.

Siemens, VDO Automotive A6.236

Electronic instrumentation, control and sensor technology for construction, industrial, agricultural and recreational products.

SMIE F6.606/12

In response to draft European Standard prEN14439 for tower crane safety, SMIE has announced a new failsafe anti-collision system, the AC246. To meet requirements there must be mechanical protection of gears, failsafe slew sensor, software with evolved auto-test and an operator display with test button for periodic testing. AC246 allows management of interference between cranes and protection of sensitive zones for sites with up to 30 tower cranes.

Also new is the SGC240 datalogger which can monitor and log events for up to 20 cranes. Compatible with the SMIE anti collision system, it can display in real time, information on the position of cranes and system overrides, movement interruptions due to interference, etc.

DLZ342 is a new display, data logger and zoning system. In addition to presenting the crane operator with necessary information the unit records crane data, for example, the number of hours a crane has been at work, total accumulated load lifted by the crane, etc. It also has a zoning safety function in the form of a programmable work zone limitation system.

SSAB Oxelösund A6.429

Latest from SSAB is Weldox 1300 structural steel plate. It has a higher yield strength (1,300 MPa) than the previous 1100 grade and is claimed by SSAB as the world's strongest structural steel. Crane manufacturers use high strength structural steel in booms and other high-stress areas. Higher grade steels means longer booms with more lifting capacity.

“At Bauma we can present a customer who has developed the first truck-mounted crane in this material,” says Anders Skirfors, product development manager at SSAB Oxelösund. Weldable, bendable and suitable for cutting, this new construction steel is an alternative to titanium and aluminum in certain applications, SSAB says.

Steinweg-Böcker F12.1203/2

Extending the range of trailer cranes upwards will be the new model 31/1400 with telescopic boom. Maximum capacity is 1,400 kg and the closed section extruded aluminium boom is 31 m long. The crane on its steel trailer weighs 3.5 tonnes so it can be towed by a large 4x4 or SUV type vehicle. Options include power drive to make it easier to manoeuvre on site without a tow vehicle. A two person personnel basket can also be fitted.

Other new equipment on show will be the HD31 ladder hoist and the Giantlift elevator for materials or personnel. Giantlift has a maximum capacity of 3.2 tonnes (or 28 people), hoisting speed up to 60 m/min and a 400 m maximum lift height.

Also on show will be a model from the range of truck mounted telescopic cranes.

Tadano Faun F12.1205

Tadano Faun's new flagship is the 360 tonne capacity ATF 360G-6 telescopic wheeled mobile crane on six axles. It has a 60 m main boom and new jib design. Down the capacity range will be the new 90 tonne ATF 90G-4, a 90 tonne capacity all terrain on four axles. An 18 m bi-fold jib is an option for the 51.2 m boom. The new 50 tonne capacity ATF 50G-3 has a 40 m main boom, 6 m longer than the model it replaces. Smallest of the new all terrains is the ATF 40G-2, a 40 tonner on two axles. Maximum hook height with the 9 m extension on the 35.2 m main boom is 46 m.

Two other new Tadano Faun cranes will be on show. New in the rough terrain range is the 55 tonne capacity GR-550EX, which fits between the 30 tonne GR-300EX and the 70 tonne GR-700EXL. Main boom is 42 m and the 17 m bi-fold extension is standard. The truck mounted HK 40 has a 35.2 m main boom and optional is an offsettable 9 m extension. It can be mounted on a three or four axle truck. Also new is the KranXpert job planner software program.

Other cranes on show will be the 220 tonne capacity ATF 220G-5, 160 tonne capacity ATF 160G-5, 110 tonne capacity ATF110G-5 and the 65 tonne capacity ATF 65G-4 all terrains.

Terex Cranes F7.704/705

Of the 13 Terex cranes on show, one in iron for the first time will be the 100 tonne capacity Demag AC 100/4. The manufacturer claims it is the strongest 100 tonne crane on four axles, when configured with its maximum counterweight. Width is 2.55 m, even on large tyres.

Also in iron for the first time will be the Terexnew flagship is PPM model TC 40 L truck crane. MAN components of the three axle carrier include the 240 kW engine for a maximum speed of 90 km/h. A maximum tip height of 47 m can be reached with the 37.5 m main boom and a jib. Another truck crane on show will be the 60 tonne capacity TC 50 on four axles from Terex Changjiang in China (where it is known as the LT 1050). It has a five section 41 m main boom and a 12 m turning radius.

New from Terex Bendini in Italy will be the 60 tonne capacity RC 60 rough terrain. It has a telescopic 40 m boom in five sections. Power is from a 164 kW Cummins engine and there is a Dana transmission with six forward and six reverse gears. Another rough terrain on show will be the US-built RT 775 with 75 US tons (68 tonnes) capacity.

In addition to the 100 tonne Terex Demag, there will also be a 500 tonner, plus 250, 200 and 120 tonne capacity AC series all terrains. From the City class will be the 40 tonne capacity AC 40 City and, from Terex PPM in France, there will also be the AC 55 L long boom two axle 55 tonne AT.

Newest of the Terex Atlas loader cranes will be the TLC 325.2 VWB for delivering wallboard. It lifts 1 tonne at 18 m radius, has two slewing motors, and a 6.1 m outrigger spread.

Tower cranes on show will include the Terex Comedil CTL 180 luffing jib model and a CBR 40 self erector.

Tes Car F12.1213/5

Hydraulic crawler cranes up to 20 tonnes capacity and self propelled hydraulic drill rigs for installing bored piles and caissons.

ThyssenKrupp Steel A6.437

Producer of specialist steels, including high strength structural grades for high stress areas such as crane booms.

Unic Cranes Europe F11.1102/15

A new mini crane making its debut will be the 6 tonne capacity URW-706 telescopic mini crawler crane. Topping out the Unic Cranes Europe range it has a maximum hook height of 19.5 m and is designed to pass through a standard double doorway. The 706 has a 3 m self-stowing fly jib and a searcher hook is an option.

Wilbert F11.1102/2

The WT 205L e.tronic is a new luffing jib tower crane from Germany-based Wilbert with jib length from 25 to 60 m, 12 tonne maximum load capacity and 2 tonnes capacity at 60 m. A primary feature is that transport costs are reduced by 40% compared with competing models, according to the manufacturer. Jib length is adjustable in 2.5 m increments. Also new and on show will be the WT 150 e.tronic flat top saddle jib tower, also available with jibs from 25 to 60 m.

Standard mechanism components are used from international suppliers on all Wilbert tower cranes to help ensure spare parts availability. Wilbert will also launch a new tower mast system from 2 x 2 m to 8 x 8 m. Up to 3.3 m it will be a monoblock design and above that it will be flat panels.

Wolffkran F9.905/3

Limited information was available at press time on the new Wolffkran XL luffing jib tower crane. “The new development is a prime example of how optimisation of details can result in great technical progress. In this way we again considerably increase the economic efficiency of the luffing jib cranes and set a new course in the market,” explains Pieter Schiefer, Wolffkran managing partner.

In the Wolffkran L class range of flat top tower cranes the 6031clear and 6023clear fill a gap in the product line around 200 tonne-metres. The design is optimised for transport and assembly in that, for example, the complete counterjib fits on one truck and the complete upper works can be transported in four loads. Jibs can be increased in 2.5 m increments from 25 to 60 m on the 6023clear and from 30 to 65 m on the 6031clear. Maximum capacity is 8.5 tonnes. Target markets are the core ones of Europe, and the growing ones of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Also on show will be the 4517city on the TFS12 City tower and the KRV 7-32 cross frames. Easy and economical transport is a feature – the upper including 45 m jib, tower components for a 35.5 m hook height mast can be transported on two standard tractor-trailers. Unit component transport weights are less than 3 tonnes so it can be erected by helicopter.

ZF A4.308

On show will be the new HC 85 hydrostatic transmission for vehicles weighing up to 9.5 tonnes. It allows a maximum travel speed of 42 km/h and, thanks to its design, fuel consumption is reduced, the manufacturer says. Other products on show include the AS tronic automated manual transmission used on many mobile cranes and the TC tronic with torque converter for larger mobile cranes.

Zollern A4.208

Winches and hoisting technology.

Zoomlion F8.N818

One of China's largest manufacturers of truck cranes, crawlers and other construction machinery.

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