Serviloc Nacelles purchases spider cranes

23 June 2017

French lifting equipment rental firm Serviloc Nacelles has taken delivery of two new spider cranes, the URW 1006 and the URW 094, supplied by UNIC Cranes Europe. According to UNIC, the URW 1006 is the world’s largest capacity spider crane, whilst the URW 094 is the world’s smallest spider crane.


Little and large: the world’s largest capacity spider crane and the world’s smallest spider crane

UNIC said the URW 1006 has a 30.7 metre lifting height and 24.3 metre working radius but a width of just 2 metres, which it claimed makes it suitable for working in restricted spaces. The mini crane has a pick and carry function which the company said enables it to travel with loads up to 1.5 tonnes. Its configurable outriggers provide maximum stability when lifting on uneven surfaces thanks to their full safety interlocking system, said UNIC.

The URW-094 spider crane is even more compact, measuring 595mm wide and weighing just 1000kg. UNIC said it is capable of handling loads up to 995kg. The 5.49m-long boom has a maximum hook height of 5.6m.

According to UNIC, Serviloc Nacelles now has over 12 specialist lifting platforms and spider cranes in its range and the company will be commissioning its spider crane fleet for work in the West of France, as well as projects in neighbouring countries.

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