Shaanxi Hoisting debuts Terex CC 6800

By Alex Dahm06 November 2012

Fireworks were part of the celebrations for the 1,250 tonne capacity Terex CC 6800 lattice boom craw

Fireworks were part of the celebrations for the 1,250 tonne capacity Terex CC 6800 lattice boom crawler's first lift for owner Shaanxi Petroleum Chemical Engineering and Construction Co in China

In China, Shaanxi Petroleum Chemical Engineering and Construction Co (Shaanxi Hoisting), has celebrated the first lift of its new 1,250 tonne capacity Terex CC 6800 crawler crane.

As part of a local tradition an inaugural ceremony was held at the Jingbian Energy and Chemical Engineering Industrial Park in Yulin. Attending was Zhang Kaiyong, deputy general manager of Yanchang Petroleum Group and chairman of Shaanxi Chemical Engineering. Ken Lousberg, Terex China president, represented the crane manufacturer.

The first task for the lattice boom CC 6800 was to lift and place a 247 tonne gasification furnace at a methanol plant. It is part of the Jingbian Energy project to be completed in July 2013. The 13,952 tonne-metre rated crane was configured with a 72 metre main boom at 24 m radius, superlift mast rigged at 25 m radius, plus 80 tonnes of central ballast and 160 tonnes of superlift counterweight.

Working with the furnace laid out horizontally the CC 6800 took the weight of the load and gradually raised it clear of the ground. A 250 tonne capacity auxiliary crane took the tail end of the furnace. Once the furnace was fully vertical, Shaanxi Hoisting technicians unhooked the support crane, leaving the load suspended under the hook of the crawler crane.

“From this point on, our operator needed to work extremely accurately to lower and adjust the load gradually into the required position. The CC 6800’s hydraulic precision and IC-1 touch screen control system proved to be a great advantage,” commented Wang Haiqian, Shaanxi Hoisting lifting crew commander.

The CC 6800 lifted the load just above the plant’s structure to a height of 40 m, before slewing towards the inside of the building. “We can’t praise enough the design, reliability and stability of Terex crawler cranes,” notes Wang Haiqian. “With more than an estimated total of 45,000 tonnes of heavy lifting work to accomplish before the Jingbian Energy project is completed, there is a lot of work for the CC 6800 left to do.”

Liu Junqi, deputy manager of Shaanxi Hoisting, commented, “On this occasion, we knew that the CC 6800 was more than able to handle this lift. This job had very narrow margin limits, and what we needed was precision and accuracy on the lifts. Using a CC 6800 made the job seem easy.”

The primary focus of Shaanxi Yanchang Chemical Engineering and Construction Co is to build petroleum and chemical engineering projects. Its major markets are local, elsewhere in China and Iran.

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