Shantui targets Europe

By Chris Sleight20 April 2015

Shantui vice president Cheng Zhaohong

Shantui vice president Cheng Zhaohong

Chinese manufacturer Shantui is placing a greater emphasis on Europe with the launch of two new dozers with hydrostatic drives. Company vice president Cheng Zhaohong describe the region as a “dream market” for Shantui.

“We have been moving towards this market since 2003,” said Mr Chang. “Back then we started to develop products for Europe in terms of the safety and engine emissions requirements, but our work couldn’t keep up with the changing standards. It took us almost 10 years.”

He added, “The size of the market is comparatively small compared to China or Russia, but it is very attractive.”

The hydrostatic SD10YE and SD13YS compete against Caterpillar D5K, D6K or Komatsu D39 and D51 and feature fully hydraulic drives from Rexroth, along with a Stage IIIB Cummins engine on the SD10YE and a IIIA engine on the SD13YS. Both machines also are equipped with a Power Angle Tilt (PAT) blade, and have redesigned cabs, with lower noise levels and a more comfortable environment than their predecessors.

Speaking about future product development, Mr Cheng said, “We’d like to develop a full range of dozers which meet different requirements for different applications. We want to add value with more functions, better quality and more aftermarket services. The aim is to find the right balance between quality and price.

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