Shell hails ‘quiet’ hydraulic fluid

By Mike Hayes19 March 2020


Shell has launched a new hydraulic fluid which it claims can reduce the noise of mobile hydraulics in construction by up to 5.5%.

The British-Dutch oil and gas giant released its new Tellus S4 VE fluid this week, announcing that it could also increase productivity by 6% and cut energy loss from hydraulic pumps by up to 21%.

Shell said its natural gas-formulated fluid improves oxidation stability and increase the life of equipment, while helping maintain peak efficiency.

As well as touting the noise-reducing benefits of the Tellus fluid, Shell said the improved lubrication it offers can also assist in the reduction of the carbon footprint of equipment.

Shell has been researching liquid technology for 45 years and said its GTL (gas to liquid) process – using natural gas to create the synthetic base oils at the heart of the hydraulic fluid – is a radical step forward.

Drew Swinton, UK & Ireland technical manager for Shell Lubricants, said the fluid is “ideal for construction companies that need the highest possible standards of efficiency, durability and noise reduction.”

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