Shredding in one pass

18 September 2014

The basket system for Edge Innovate’s Slayer XL shredder is available with apertures from 50 mm to 2

The basket system for Edge Innovate’s Slayer XL shredder is available with apertures from 50 mm to 250 mm

Northern Ireland based Edge Innovate has introduced a new basket system for its Slayer XL shredder that allows material to be shredded to the required size in just one pass. Available in sizes from 50 mm (2 inch) to 250 mm (10 inch) depending on customer requirements, the system can by quickly removed or exchanged for different aperture screens.

Edge’s Slayer can be deployed in primary or secondary shredding applications because of its robust design and resistance to difficult-to-shred materials. The XL range can be supplied with up to 12 different shaft configurations to allow it to be used across a wide range of applications. Tramp metal cycles and intelligent laod sensing prevents damage and resulting downtime.

The new shredding chamber configuration comes with bolt-on tools with two cutting edges (doubling tooth life), heavy duty pipe unit shafts and optional tooth breaker bar. The new cutting edges on the bolt-on tools enable the Slayer Basket System to both cut and shred. These characteristics allow it to process difficult to handle materials such as carpets, tires and mattresses at a high throughput capacity but at low engine output.

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