Simulating the demolition process

By Lindsay Gale20 August 2013

One of the papers at the 2013 Demolition Summit will look at the process of simulating the process of demolishing structures to establish best practise and procedures prior to physical demolition taking place. Uncertainty factors in the demolition of older structures can lead to a high probability of accidents as a result of unknown factors inherent in the structure.

Dr Ahmed Amir Khalil, of Applied Sciences International, will present on a new, reliable modelling technology that allows for the study of various what-if scenarios within a reasonable timeframe prior to the commencement of work.

The method provides visual information to the demolition contractor and the client concerning the mode of failure, the extent of the demolition field, the possibility of impact with adjoining or neighbouring structures and the possibilities for premature failure.

The software also allows for impact with the ground and likely vibrations that could affect sensitive equipment in neighbouring structures to be estimated with accuracy.

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