Sisk makes NASC membership compulsary

21 July 2009

John Sisk & Son Ltd one of the largest construction groups in the UK and Ireland, has announced that scaffolding contractors on all of its UK projects must be members of NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation). Sisk is certain this will reinforce its best practice approach to health and safety on its construction sites, and further improve its already impressive incident records.

The announcement comes only weeks after Sisk and Sisk Rail won RoSPA Gold awards at RoSPA's 2009 Occupational Health and Safety Awards.

Access and scaffolding is an important part of the majority of Sisk's construction projects. NASC requires member organisations to abide by a strict code of conduct to improve on-site practice. NASC says,"This has been a major contributory factor in reducing the number of reported accidents and incidents on scaffolding over the last two decades. The number of reported accidents in 1980 was 532, by 2007 that figure had reduced to 174."

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