Skyjack and Linamar provide PPE

23 April 2020

The new Health First bandana from Skyjack.

Linamar, Skyjack’s parent company, announced it has more than 15 facilities that are focused on the manufacturing and supply of ventilator parts. The production facilities were converted in a matter of weeks and have now begun assembling and testing complete ventilator units.

“We are also actively engaged with local communities around the world in other ways, such as making donations of PPE we have on hand to local hospitals,” explained Linda Hasenfratz, chief executive officer at Linamar. “We continue to leverage our Global Supply Chain capabilities to source additional PPE for frontline healthcare workers, and our Transportation Division is working with local food banks to ensure vulnerable people in isolation are getting healthy food.”

Skyjack has also assisted with PPE shortages. The company received a request via social media from a local medical professional who asked if the “Skyjack bandana” could be reproduced. The bandana was first produced for a charity event to raise awareness for breast cancer. Medical staff who attended the event said they remembered the bandana and thought it would be ideal in a medical setting, as shortages of equipment began to deplete. Now, a “Health First” version of the bandana is being used in multiple hospitals within a 3-hour radius of Skyjack’s Guelph, Ontario facilities.

“We are in constant contact with our community partners and are looking for ways we can assist,” said Ken McDougall, president at Skyjack. “I could not be more proud of the work that has been undertaken by the Skyjack and Linamar teams in their support, manufacturing and supply of PPE.”

McDougall concluded, “I would like to echo the thoughts of most (if not all) of the world and put out a special thanks and praise to those individuals who are fighting this battle on the frontlines. To all of the healthcare workers, long-term care and personal support workers, truck drivers, grocery workers, police officers and more, you have all redefined the true meaning of Super Hero.”

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