Skyjack completes South Korea 30 for 30 Partners project

02 May 2016

Skyjack has completed its first 30 FOR 30 PARTNERS project in South Korea. The project was staged in partnership with S Rental, a local equipment supply company and involved the donation of Skyjack machinery service and 50 rice packs to Susanne House, a local orphanage based in Ansung City, South Korea.

Susanne House was founded in 1995 in the city of Ansung to provide lodging and education to orphans, many of whom had been abandoned by their biological parents during infancy. To date it has fostered 50 kids from various parts of South Korea. For the 30 FOR 30 PARTNERS project, S Rental supplied a Skyjack SJIII 4632 scissor lift to deliver 50 bags of rice to Susanne House, with a total value of US$2,400.

“We are honored to be involved in such a charitable project,” said Gil-Su Park, CEO of S Rental. “As a business we always seek ways to give back to the community and donations such as this are a good example. We hope to help with other projects for Susanne House in future. Our company has a long history of supplying rice packs in winter to worthy causes, so it was good to be able to undertake this one in partnership with Skyjack as part of its 30 FOR 30 PARTNERS program.”

With its headquarters in Osan and a branch in Chung-Ju, S Rental has been in business for over nine years. The company purchased its first Skyjack machine in 2012 and now has close to 50 units, a mix of SJIII 3219, SJIII 4632 and SJIII 3226 models.

The SJIII 4632 selected for the Susanne House project is currently the biggest in the DC electric scissor line from Skyjack. It has a platform height of 9.75 m which equates to a working height of 11.58 m. The two-man basket has a impressive capacity of 318 kg, and the inside platform length of 2.1 m can be further extended by 1.2 m once the extension deck is rolled out. In South Korea, the machines are supported by a two-year warranty period. The size and flexibility of the machine made it a perfect choice for the 30 FOR 30 PARTNERS job, as Yeonhwa Chung, director of Susanne House, explains.

“The SJIII 4632 was ideal for helping with the delivery because of its easy maneuverability and safe operation,” Chung said. “The machine’s size and its flexibility to work both indoors and outdoors, made it a perfect option for completing the rice pack delivery task.”

House of love

South Korea has long and troubled history with child abandonment with a variety of social and economic factors contributing to this. According to this report in the Economist, the issue remains a problem.

“Susanne House was founded to accommodate unwanted babies who are the victims of a welfare system unable to cope with the problem, compounded by biased social perception,” Chung said. “But thanks to the love and care we receive from all walks of life we’re able to offer hope and further develop our facility for the kids. We appreciate the support of Skyjack, a global brand, and its partners for the care and love they have offered here to young people in need.”

Partnership for a good cause

The 30 FOR 30 PARTNERS campaign is part of Skyjack’s 30th anniversary celebrations which have seen it partner with local dealerships and charitable institutes in locations around the world

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