Skyjack expands Australian facility

By Lindsey Anderson14 November 2017


Skyjack has expanded its Australian office in New South Wales. The new build encompasses 3,500 square meters of internal space and measures five times larger than their previous location.

The company said increased market share in both Australia and New Zealand was been a driving force behind the expansion since the company’s market entry over six years ago.

“With our expanded workspace and a significantly larger parts department we can stock more machines and more parts,” said Jason Cranmer, sales and operations director. “The additional space also allows for an easier flow through of machines, which increases our efficiency.”

The site, located at 35 Honeycomb Drive, Eastern Creek, NSW Australia, can store machines indoors and is equipped with an ecofriendly wash bay that uses recycled water. In addition, this space incorporates the “5S” system found in all Skyjack locations. It is designed to reduce waste and optimize productivity through maintaining an orderly workplace and using visual cues to achieve consistent results.

Cranmer continued, “It’s a new building created specifically for Skyjack and our equipment. We couldn’t be happier with the final product.”




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