Sliding mid-rails must not be tied

01 May 2008

IPAF has written to all members urging them to ensure that sliding mid-rails are never tied up. This follows concern raised by the Brussels-based committee monitoring the implementation of the EU's Machinery Directive. The committee has expressed concern that the practice is common, even though it contravenes legal requirements.

“Tying up sliding mid-rails is dangerous and should never be allowed,” said IPAF managing director Tim Whiteman, who called on all members to take action whenever the practice was discovered.

Mr Whiteman appeared in Brussels on 8 June before the Working Group of Committee 98/37/EC on machinery and gave industry responses to concerns raised, in particular by Sweden's national delegation.

“The committee raised serious concerns about the use of sliding mid-rails but accepted that there was currently no obvious alternative. However, the committee will review the subject at the next meeting,” said Mr Whiteman.

In response to the committee's concerns, many IPAF manufacturing members have placed decals on machines indicating that mid-rails should never be tied open. IPAF is calling for all manufacturers to follow suit and is asking rental companies to enforce the measure.

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