Slovenia power plant chooses GEDA hoist

By Sarah Ann McCay27 May 2012

The GEDA PH 2032 hoist in operation at the Šoštanj power plant

The GEDA PH 2032 hoist in operation at the Šoštanj power plant

German manufacturer GEDA recently provided a PH 2032 hoist to the Šoštanj power plant in Slovenia, for work on the construction of a cooling tower.

The temporary construction hoist is rented out until the end of June 2012. The hoist is erected to a height of 156 m and has a lifting speed of 40 m/min. In total, 25 persons and material with a weight of 2,000 kg can be transported.

The base unit of the GEDA PH 2032 hoist and its mast units were specially manufactured to meet the requirements of the cooling tower structure and to compensate for the inclined drive.

GEDA also produced bespoke stainless-steel anchoring plates in order to fix the hoist to the cooling tower. Telescopic assembly platforms were designed in order to simplify the anchoring. The anchoring plates are set in concrete, to prevent damage to the tower.

The cooling tower construction is part of an ongoing reconstruction programme to reduce emissions at the lignite-fired Šoštanj power plant. The plant provides one third of the total power generation of Slovenia.

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