Smøla facts

11 April 2008

The Smøla wind farm is Europe's largest land-based wind generating facility, producing 450 GW-h of electricity – equal to the electricity consumption of 22,500 households in Norway.

The site lies in flat open countryside, 10 to 40 m above sea level, with the wind turbines built along ridges in the terrain. They stand 240 to 350 m apart in rows, with a distance of 700 to 1,000 m between each row. Roads have been built to each turbine, under which cables lead to a centrally located transformer that is combined with a service building for the entire plant.

The wind turbines stand 70 m tall and weigh just over 260 tonnes. Rotors are 83 m in diameter. Each turbine in phase two has a 2.3 MW capacity, compared with the phase one turbines, which have a capacity of 2 MW.

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