Smaller rig

24 April 2008

Kocher-Jagst Transportbeton, of Niedernhall, Germany, has used a 39 m reach Schwing S 39 SX truck-mounted concrete pump to concrete a new rain overflow basin at the Kupferzell sewage plant. The work involved pumping 400 m2 F3 consistency C35/45 concrete with 0/32 mm of aggregate in less than six hours.

Fitted with the SX-H outrigger system - SX bowed outriggers at the front and rear right-angled telescopic H outriggers - the machine occupies -20% less space than machines with folding outriggers, according to Schwing.

The Kocher-Jagst pump was also fitted with several extra features, including a hose magazine, accessories box, concrete stop valve, tool cupboard, vector control system and Schwing's Big-Rock valve system, which allows the S 39 SX to pump &lumpy' concrete.

The vector control system is an &electronic brain' that enables the operator to call up and record operating data at any time using a text driven graphic display.

The concrete stop valve, fitted to the end of the hose, stops the concrete in the pipeline. The advantage for the operator is that when slewing over previously concreted/floated surfaces the machine and surroundings are kept clean and free of spillages.

The valve, which is synchronised with the concrete pump, responds to commands from the remote control system. Pressing “Stop pump” results in the immediate closure of the valve and prevents concrete after-run, or idling of the delivery pipe, which normally takes place when pumping is interrupted.

Boom and end hose movements, which occur when restarting the pump, are therefore avoided.

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