SmartEquip expands network by 10%

10 August 2016

The SmartEquip Network has been joined by a number of new vendors and manufacturers. Nearly 10 companies have come on board to connect customers via the SmartEquip network.

Vendors include: Summit Supply LLC., Makinex Construction Products, Armadillo Tire LLC., and Silverstone Inc., while manufacturers include Berner International, Flagro USA Inc., Graco Inc., and Namco Manufacturing. Lastly, SmartEquip also announced the addition of Blount International Inc. and their Oregon and Carlton subsidiaries, and Diamond Professionals International Inc. to the SmartEquip parts procurement network.

By joining the SmartEquip Network, these manufacturers and distributors will be able to provide significant improvement in both their transactional and operational efficiencies, as well as streamline their internal workflow and drive profits for both themselves and their consumers.

“Our fleet customers have made it perfectly clear – they want all of their parts and support materials purchased through SmartEquip,” said Ron Piccolo, EVP of sales and marketing for SmartEquip. “As of July 2016, we have expanded our network by more than 10 percent and continue to focus on growing our network of manufacturers and suppliers.”

SmartEquip serves more than 40,000+ users and technicians across more than 6,000 locations. The SmartEquip Network provides fleet owners and dealers with more than 200 OEM brands and recently surpassed more than $1.4 billion in transactions, 10 million parts orders, $2 billion in order value and $20 billion in fleet coverage, the company said.

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