SmartPM Technologies adds ‘one-of-a-kind’ feature to platform

By Catrin Jones09 February 2023

SmartPM Technologies, a construction project analytics provider, has added an automated narrative report to its platform. The company says that it is the industry’s only program that can automatically generate a narrative based on the schedule data set at the touch of a button.

The report is a comprehensive, text-based summary of multiple aspects of a construction job (Photo: SmartPM Technologies)

The report is said to be a comprehensive, text-based summary of multiple aspects of a construction job.

The technology company believes that it is especially well-suited to construction executives who want a full reckoning of a project’s status but do not have the time or expertise to spend time looking at numerous charts and graphs.

SmartPM scans through all the scheduled data, analyzes it, and then automatically produces the results in text format by automatically filling in the fields of an internal template with standardised text, customised with the project’s unique numbers.

SmartPM Technologies says that the report pulls from a wide spectrum of schedule data, including schedule quality, performance, critical path analysis, milestones, compression, and more.

Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM, says, “This more or less goes back to the original goal for the SmartPM platform: to take the most complicated data set in the construction field – the schedule –and present it at a level that anyone can understand.

“The platform can still provide the ‘deep dive’ statistics, charts, and graphs, that some people require. But the report is an incredibly useful tool for the executive who wants that same information in an easier-to-digest, narrative format.”

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