SMOPyC city crane launch from Liebherr

31 March 2011

Liebherr 85 EC-B 5 FR.tronic flat top city crane

Liebherr 85 EC-B 5 FR.tronic flat top city crane

Liebherr will launch the 85 EC-B 5 FR.tronic flat top city crane at the SMOPyC exhibition in Spain next week.

The crane has a 5 tonne load capacity and can lift 1.3 tonnes at the jib end, up to a maximum working radius of 50 m. All loads are lifted in double-reeve mode.

Its compact dimensions are designed for work in urban centres. The 85 LC tower system has a 1.2 x 1.2 m cross-section and the cruciform base measures 3 x 3 m. The tower system consists of 11.7 m, 5.85 m or 3.9 m tower sections, with a tower base element 12 m long. The 3.9 m long climbing tower section is highly versatile, and can be used inside or outside the building.

The complete slewing section of the new 85 EC‑B 5 FR.tronic can travel on two semi-trailer trucks and because the units weigh less, smaller mobile cranes are sufficient for the erecting work. The heaviest individual element weighs less than 3 tonnes and can be lifted by a 60 tonne capacity mobile crane.

The 24-kW frequency-converter hoist gear, which is standard equipment, permits lifting heights up to 260 m. The maximum free-standing height under the hook is 46.2 m.

Another feature is the connecting pins that can be inserted in either direction. This is useful when erecting or taking down in an elevator shaft where room to manoeuvre is limited. The pins can be removed from the inside or outside. Pin magazines installed in each tower and jib section also ensure efficient erection.

The 85 EC-B 5 FR.tronic can be operated with or without a cabin. Two cabin versions are available - both can be repositioned by a sliding mechanism for space-saving transportation. The luxury cabin option has double glazed windows, uprated insulation and thermostat temperature control with a time switch; these features reduce energy consumption by more than 30 % compared with conventional standard cabins, says the manufacturer.

All drive units use an energy-saving frequency converter (FC) power supply. The FC hoist gear units incorporate the Microwave fine load positioning mode. With it the load can be positioned accurately to within a few millimetres and held at zero speed without the holding brake being applied.

* Smopyc 2011 runs between 5-9 April in Zaragoza, Spain -

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