Snorkel to reinforce North American presence

By Lindsey Anderson05 June 2012

Darren Kell, Tanfield Group chief executive.

Darren Kell, Tanfield Group chief executive.

Speaking exclusively to Access, Lift & Handlers, Darren Kell, chief executive officer of Snorkel, said the company's strategy for North America in the coming years is to target and form relationships with mid-tiered rental companies and strengthen relationships that they already have.

"A lot of what we do is about building strong relationships and partnering with key strategic customers who we want to work with," Kell said. "That is our sweet spot; the mid-sized rental company."

Kell emphasized that Snorkel has identified its core customers in North America and is currently in "business development" mode. He said Snorkel's products offer mid-sized companies not only a strong and robust solution but also a niche product that can flush out their fleet.

"We do have a number of niche products that can be quite a significant differntiator," Kell said. "What we've seen is that often if we can get into a new company with our niche product and prove our worth, we often see that then gives us that foot in the door and allows us to expand our portfolio."

For the full interview with Kell and Snorkel, see the July/August issue of Access, Lift & Handlers magazine.

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