Socage extends outreach at Bauma

By Euan Youdale12 March 2019


Socage 37DJ

Socage has redesigned its 37m working height truck mount to produce the 37DJ Speed. The new machine has a new chassis mountable on trucks from 18 tonnes, allowing stability without extending the outriggers, while still offering an outreach of 23m.

Fiorenzo Flisi, owner of Socage, said, “While a normal truck is stabilised, an operator using the Socage 37DJ Speed parks, draws the handbrake, inserts the PTO, gets into the basket and can start to work; a great saving of time.” The ‘between the mirrors’ design also means lifts can work in areas where obstacles would not otherwise allow it to. In addition, the model has continuous rotation of 360°.

Other equipment from Socage will include insulated machines, suited to non-European markets. One of them, the 13.5ATi, is an articulated telescopic platform, with 13m working height and Class B insulation, up to 69Kv, or Class C, up to 49Kv.

The manufacturer’s E series, with electric control, will also be on show, with the new telescopic ForSte18T offers the same stabilization benefits of the 37DJ Speed. Between the mirrors, stabilisation offers 11m outreach and 12.5m with front outriggers extended.

Another telescopic platform will be on show in the form of the ForSte 23T. Already sold to Kunze Group, it has a working height of 23.1m and outreach of 14m. It is the highest telescopic platform allowing use with a category B driving license.

The double articulated 24.2m working height ForSte25D will be on the stand on an Iveco Daily 35S. Also sold to Kunze Group, it has an outreach of 12m with extendable front outriggers, while the rear is between the mirrors. The ForSte 25D is part of the E Series, with the options of automatic stabilisation and closing. These are configurations that improve the use of it and guarantee to work safely also for the operator not so skilled. The double articulated ForSte 20D will be there too, also available with a category B driving license.

The new 12VT Tronqué, launched in March last year, will be there too, particularly suited to the French market. The vehicle has a cutaway section, where the basket rests.

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