Soilmec joins Unacea

By Sandy Guthrie13 October 2016

A Soilmec SC-120

A Soilmec SC-120

Soilmec, which specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of equipment for the ground engineering industry, has joined Unacea, the Italian trade association for construction equipment firms.

Soilmec, established in 1969, is part of the Trevi Group – the Italian ground engineering company specialising in foundations, tunnels and consolidation of land, as well as in the manufacturing and distribution of machines and attachments for the ground industry.

Founded in 1957 in Cesena, Italy, Trevi currently operates in more than 80 countries.

The Trevi division works in ground engineering, while the Soilmec division produces and develops equipment for ground engineering. In addition, the Petreven division is active in services for the oil drilling industry, and the Drillmec division produces and develops drilling equipment for oil, gas and water.

The group’s holding company – Trevi Finanziaria Industriale – has been quoted on the Milan stock exchange since July 1999.

Soilmec is active in more than 70 countries, with 15 operating companies and a distribution network of more than 50 dealers.

Federico Pagliacci, development vice president, said that joining Unacea was another step forward in defining a European working product group within CECE (the Committee for European Construction Equipment).

He added that it should be “oriented to all the activities able to enhance our industry, both for the market knowledge, and the representation and defence of an important technological and industrial sector”.

Unacea said that according to data from the Cribis-Unacea report, with production of more than €650 million in 2014, the drilling sector accounted for about 25% of the entire Italian construction equipment industry, directly employing around 2,000 people.

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